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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Originally Posted by Craig Brown View Post
You've been busy, Arden!

Got any good resources for a city boy who just bought a bunch of acres of hardwoods? I've used a chainsaw, but only on Truss Joists and GluLams. Won't get out there for a year, but there will be some clearing to be done then...


What are you looking to do? Are you wanting to clear it yourself? Or are you wanting to find someone in that area that can do it for you? Let me know.

On a different front, house work for time today. :-D Maybe some squats in a bit. If all goes well.

All the best,
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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9.25.10 - house work for time :-D. Did several sets of airsquats in bare feet as part of quest to squat every day. It's helping the knee and hip a lot!

9.26.10 - Roller/Self Myofascial Release/pre-workout yoga and tai chi. Followed by the following:
Power Snatch: 20x3, 40x3, 70x3, 90x2x5 - Had thought of doing triples, but did not have an over abundance of grr today. So went with what I had.
BTN Push Press: 70x5, 100x4, 120x3, 140x2, 160x1.
OHS: 40x3, 75x3x5
Back Squat: 135x5, 225x5, 315x5x3. Had hoped to do 5 sets today, but the body, again, said no.
Sumo DL: 120x5, 170x4, 210x3, 240x5. Went light as the weights felt heavy.
Ring Push ups: 5 sets
post wo yoga and tai chi.

Here's some highlights:
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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9.27.10 - workout at Kristy's work - did the pre-workout yoga/tai chi, then my active recovery of 20 sets of 5 with 60kg. Was told by a very young female personal trainer that my squat form was "all wrong." This was despite the fact I was wearing my Addistars and wearing Rehband knee sleeves. I diplomatically did my best to explain that ATG squats were not back for the soul. The wife was certain I was going to LOL, but I did not; it would have been inappropriate.

9.28.10 - early morning beefcake. Up at 4:30 and over in MHS. Pre workout SFR, yoga, and tai chi. Then seizing upon the beefcake. Knee was feeling cranky and I wasn't feeling much better. I simply had no go. Almost bailed on the entire session, but Kristy was doing her bell work so I lowered my expectations and banged out what I could.

Power Cleans: 20x3, 40x3, 70x3, 100x3, 120xno way, 105x3x6 or 7 - not sure.
Then did strict presses: 40x5, 70x4, 80x3, 100x2. Then did 100x7 or 8 for push presses.
Then did Front Squats - pain free despite the cranky knee which was odd, but I ran with it. 135lbx3, 185x3, 245x3x3
Then did RDLs - 120x5x5.
Then did a few sets of LCCJ with the 24, then tried to do the 32s and the knee said no after 5 reps.
Then did abs, more yoga and off to work.

9.29.10 - Day 13 of squatting every day. It's going well.
Did SMR, yoga and tai chi.
Then did High Bar squats with 70kgx5x20.
Then did 24kg 2handed swings 20x5.
Then more yoga and back to work.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Just an update on the goings on.

9.30.10 - GPP at it's finest baby - Weed eating for 2 and half hours and long with Leo. Then did 10 sets of 5 of air squats - Tabata fashion. That got the blood pumping.

10.1.10 - just some long yoga and tai chi combined with SMR. Resting up for the Paul Bunyan Show. This extended daily squatting was becoming a bit tiring.

10.2.10 - Paul Bunyan. Here's my footage:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsu3vWfj__k I am very disappointed with the way I was moving the axe in the tree and the standing. I was trying to hit too hard and was hanging badly. I need to let it flow. On the upside, being 12 pounds lighter than 3 weeks ago has improved my underhand immensely - but the darn log came lose on the turn and I had to take all weight off the axe in the back. Grrrrrr!!! oh well.

10.3.10 - tons of event training with Rik, my guest from Holland. I must have put in over 350 underhand hits and an equal number of standing hits. Even did some tree work.

10.4.10 - again, tons of event training with Rik. Over 350 hits on the standing. We cut two huge blocks and it took us the better part of the morning. Did some more tree work, then set up a big underhand. We made it about half way through it. We then made several single buck cuts. No video though.

10.5.10 - Spent the day in an underground coal mine for work. Other than walking Leo and doing some yoga/tai chi/smr, nothing of any partiuclar note.

10.6.10 - Forgot my wrist supports and straps, so I decided to "try" snatch matrixes - high hang, mid hang, and from the floor. THEY FELT GREAT!!!!! I kept the weights low, but went
Snatch Matrix - 20x3, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3. I could have kept on going, but decided best not to since I have not snatched for six months. Keeping it light for a while. So felt great with doing this - no knee pain and no hip pain. I may do light matrixes for a few weeks with both movements to re-groove myself for full lifts.
Then did BTN push press: 60x5, 90x4, 100x3, 115x2, 125x4 - held the last rep for about 10 to 15 seconds.
Then did OHS - 60x5, 75x3x3
Then did Back Squats - these felt light. 60x5, 100x5, 145x5x5
Then did Snatch pulls - 60x5, 115x3, 145x3, 155x3
Then did a superset between Bench Press and ploymetric push ups onto platforms - 135x10/3, 185x5/3, 225x5/3x3
Then did abs.

Doing a jack and jill underhand on a 17" log with Kristy today at lunch for a demonstration at a small school in one of our poor counties. It's pretty dry, so she will probably kill me when it's done. But it will be good training for her.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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UPdate on the silliness.

10.7.2010 - Did a demonstration at an elementary school. Kristy and I did a Jack and Jill underhand on a 17" dry pine log. I put in a huge front, then she got about 1/2 the back and I finished it off. Over 500 kids were watching us and it was very inspiring.

10.8.2010 - had my annual physical - BP great, Cholestrol great, my liver enzymes were still a bit elevated, but lower than my last physical. Otherwise, I'm good to go for another six months. Knee is achy. My PCP, who's a former Mr. WV and avid weightlifter, suggested I have my knee scoped and avoid PRP or prolotherapy as those treatments aren't available in our area and he's not certain as to their efficacy. His concern was that I might be laid up for up to six months after the scope. I can't do that. The first round of the Timbersports Series is in March next year.

10.9.2010. Great day of competition. Mountain State Forest Festival. Perfromed extremely well. Won five events - Springboard, Hardhit Underhand, Underhand, Tree Falling, and World Championship Two Man Crosscut. Set PR's in 3 of those events.

10.10.2010. Another Great day of competition at the Johnny Applseed Festival. Won four events - Jack and Jill Crosscut, Standing Block Elimination, Standing Block Hard hit, and Team Relay. The highlight for me was my wife and I beating 3 top teams in North America in the Jack and Jill Crosscut. We also placed in the jack and Jill underhand also.

10.11.2010 - absolutley exhausted. Did nothing but roll and some yoga.
10.12.2010 - again, absolutely exhausted. Did nothing but SFR and yoga.
10.13.2010 - pulled the thumb out and did some squat clean matrixes. Went light. Gonna stay light and eventually work my way up over time . Technique still sucks. But I've got to start somewhere.

Clean Matrix - 20x3, 40x3, 70x3, 90x3, 90x3.
Power Clean - 100x3x3
Push Press - 70x5, 100x4,120x3
Jerks from rack - 70x1, 100x1, 105x1x5
Front Squat - 60x3, 100x3, 125x3x3
Clean pulls - 105x3, 145x3x3, 105x3
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Wanted to give an update as to my stooopidity.

10.14.10 - Event training with Kristy. See singled a ton and we cut some underhands. I also spent an inordinate amount of time fixing a throwing axe. Took way longer than it should have. Oh well.

10.15.10 - Breath through day for me. I'm finally returning to my pre-injury strength of six months ago. Pretty stoked about it. My tell-tale sign is when 145kg feels like 60kg when I'm doing back squats. It's a great feeling.
Anyway- did the following:
Snatch Matrix - 20x3, 403, 60x3, 60x3, 70x1 - left wrist was a little wonkey - so stopped there.
Then did some push preses 60x5, 90x4, 100x6.
Then some OHS: 60x3, 70x3, 80x3
Then some Back squats: 60x5, 100x5, 145x5x5 (freakin felt like 60 - so it's time to go for it).
Then Snatch Pulls: 100x3, 125x3, 145x3x3
Then I did some kb swings
Then some abs.

Here's the highlights:

That evening came home and Kristy did some more single, and some more underhand. I goofed a bit with her. But nothing remarkable.

10.16.10 - Took Kiara to a book signing. While she was hanging with her friends, I got some beefcake.

Did some Clean and jerks: 20x2, 40x3, 80x2, 90x2, 100x3, 110x2, 110x1, 100x1x5.
Then did some hang power cleans: 80x3, 90x3, 100x3x2
Then did some front squats: 60x3, 100x3, 110x3, 60x3x5
Then did some bench press: 60x5, 100x5x5
Then some bell LCCJ: 16x10, 24x10, 28x10.
Then did abs.

here's the highlights:

I know I'm jumping forward on those cleans, but I kept on working on pulling straighter the further I went into the session. But the more I thought about standing up and shrugging hard - the less I jumped forward, so perhaps I'm onto something.

I also know I'm not jumping down quick enough - in time. In time. i'm just tickled to be doing the squat cleans again.

That evening, whoa, moved a half ton stove into MHS so we gots some heat during the winter. That took forever and a lot of effort!

10.17.10 - Event training with the Jones'. Kristy and Trish did a lot more than Jonesy and I. But we still did some. Did hang three axes, which was a PR. :-D

10.18.10 - Interesting session. Forgot camera. But did some hang power snatches. Wicked fun.
Went 20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 70x3x3
Then my first drop snatches in over 6 months - 60x3x3
Then High Bar Back squats - again felt wicked light - 60x5, 100x5, 125x5, 145x3x3, 100x5
Then some sumo deads. 100x5, 145x4, 185x3, 230x10
Then Bench: 60x5, 100x5x5
Then did some Bell see saw press: 16kgx10, 24kgx10 28kgx50 reps - Saw buddha on that one. Heart rate was a good 180 for a good 5 minutes after that.
Then Abs,

Twas good, twas good.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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10.20.10 - Weight day before last contest of year.
squat clean20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 80x2, 90x2, 100x2, 110x2, 100x2, 100x2
Hang Power Clean 80x2, 90x2, 100x2
Push Press: 40x5, 80x4, 90x3, 100x6 60x5
Front Squat: 60x3, 100x3, 125x1 145x1 60x3x3
RDL: 110x3, 145x3, 180x5x3
Swish Ball Push ups

here's some highlights:

10.21.2010 - Cleaned Bar and got stove stuff for Barn. Packed up for trip to TN. Rolled and SMR with my normal yoga.

10.22.2010 Wears Valley Oktoberfest - last contest of the year. Overall pretty good day. Won 2 events and placed in several others. Did not single as well as I would have hoped, but my hotsaw finally ran.


10.23.2010 - WVO - day 2. All the jack and jill events. Very pleased with how Kristy and I sawed and chopped. Will take it anyday. Lots to work on over winter, so bear with us.

US title Jack an Jill heats and finals - we ended up 3rd with a time of 8.2. The slings were right at 8.3. Winning time was 6.5.

Jack and Jill Underhand

Jack and Jill Relay

10.23.10 No camera today, but a good session.
Snatch Matrix - 20x3, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x3
Hang Power Snatch - 80x3, 90x3x3 - this was surprisingly easy.
Push Press: 40x5, 60x4, 90x3, 100x8 - this was a PR for me - and 60x5
OHS - 60x3x3
Back Squat - 60x5, 100x5 - I was zonked after the Push Press set. Did 60x5x5
Snatch Pulls - 100x3, 150x3x3 - this was not easy, but I kept them strict and was pulling from my heels.
Bench Press - 60x5, 100x5x5

10.24.10 - oh my what a day. Did a wood run. Got 40 blocks on my truck and trailer. A good 4,000 pounds. Sawed up and loaded. Was making my way home when I lost my brakes. Behind a school bus. Regular brakes to floor, then emergency brakes for floor, ripped it down into first, then locked it into 4 low - all in less than 2 seconds. Saw that the lady waiting for kids to get off bus was to the right, so I jerked the truck to the left knowing that the stop sign on the bus was illuminated and I did not want to hit the bus or the kids getting off the bus. Truck coasted over a bridge and down into someone's yard and eventually slowed enough for me to jerk it into park.

Had to check my drawers after that experience. still dealing with it actually. Never again. Going to contract with a logger to deliver my peelers from now on. New rule on wood runs. Will miss the GPP, but given age, it's likely not a bad idea.

Anyway, had to load and unload these logs 4 times because of the above. Scary stuff. My therapy was rolling, yoga, and a few smirnoff ices when I got home. Thought about mixing Kaluha in a protein shake, but we didn't have any.

10.25.10 - Still dealing with the wood run fiasco. Had to go get some beefcake for lunch to keep from going nuts.
Did clean and jerk - 20x2, 40x2, 60x2, 90x2, 100x2, 110x1, 120x1, 125x1 - which was easy even though I pressed out the last two jerks. oh well. I haven't done jerks for a while, so lots to re-learn.
clean matrix 100x2x2
Hang Power Clean 100x2, 90x3
Push Press: 40x5, 60x4, 90x3, 100x2, 125x1 - this was easier than the jerks. Go figure?
Front Squats: 60x3, 100x3, 125x1, 145x1, 155x1 60x3x5 - this felt surprisingly easy. On my way back.
RDL; 125x5x5
Incline Bench 5 sets. Top set was 255 for 5.

I need some therapy!
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Here's an update on my retardedness after a near death experience last week. Oh good lord.

10.26.10 - freakin' sore and mentally drained. Did my yoga, smr, and did some tabata squats for good measure.

10.27.10 - Ladybugs are making their way in and I'm wicked allergic, so I took some benadryl the night before and tried to workout early a.m. and got no where.

It sucked. But I did my best. Did snatch matrixes - 20x3, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x3.
Then did block snatches - 80x1, 70x3x3, 75x2 - had visions of doing 90 - but after taking 85 off the forehead I bailed.

Tried some light weights really working on contracting my hammys pulling me down and it went no where really. 40x3x2

Then did jerks. 70x5, 90x4, 100x3, 120x2, 145x1.5,

Then did OhS - 40x5x3
Then did some light back squats 60x5, 100x5x3
Then did some light snatch pulls 100x3x3
Then did some abs.

Here's the highlights:

10.30.10 - Nothing but laundry for time today. And house cleaning. Did some SMR and some yoga. But nothing extensive. Oh, long walk trick-r-treating - and my fair share of tootsie rolls.

10.31.10. Decent morning session. I'm a few days pre-knee scope and I want to get as many sessions in as I can. So I will likely limit the number of movements per session so I can get more sessions in pre-surgery.

Did squat cleans. Went 20x3, 40x3, 70x3, 90x2, 100x2, 110x1, 120x1, 130x1, 140x1. Surprising how easy this ways. The weights were easy. I know I need to pull with my hammys and I'm hitching bad (row, hump and bump) when I get over 130, but not bad all together.

Then I did push press. Went 40x5, 70x4, 90x3, then 100x11 for a PR. I was pretty stoked about that.

Then did light back squats - 60x5x10. Was the first time I've done over 5 reps for a while and I got a wicked quad pump.

here's some highlights:

That afternoon, my dad and I cut down a huge tulip poplar for a friend that had been struck by lightning. I had hoped to get some training wood out of it, but it was busted all to buggery. So we sawed it up and I split a lot of it. Good GPP.

11.1.10 - Learned that my surgery is being moved from the 11.3 to 11.5. So I've got two more days to squat. yahooo!!!!
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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11.1.01 Early morning beefcake - SFM and yoga.
Then to MHS.
Started with Snatch - 20x3, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3, 70x2, 80x1, 90x1 - PR for squat snatch, tried 100, but it just couldn't do it today.
Back Squats - 60x5, 100x5, 145x5, 100x5x2
Snatch Pulls - 100x3, 120x3x3
16kgkb stnatch 120 reps 60/60 in 4 minutes.


11.2.10 - Tabata squats with bodyweight with some rolling and yoga.

11.3.10 - smr, yoga,
clean and jerk - 20x3, 40x3, 60x3, 90x2, 100x2, 100x1, 120x1.
Hang Power Clean 105x2x3
Front Squat 100x3, 125x1, 145x1, 155x1.

Was soooo hungry during this workout. stopped taking fishoil the week prior to my surgery. Had no idea how satiating oil in diet was until today.


11.4.10 - SMR, yoga, - snatching at Y where the bars are worn out so I had to use straps. Bad move.
Snatch - 20x3, 40x3, 50x3, 60x3, - Was feeling good about myself as I finally felt good about pop and drop....then 75 nearly killed me. It was awesome. Then went 75x2 power, then 90x1 power.
Then did some power cleans and jers - 60x2, 90x2, 100x2.
Then did Bodyweight squats - basically Tabata - 5 sets of 10.
Then RDL for 100x5x5.
Then ABs.

I had purposely pushed myeslf for weeks on end knowing I was going into surgery. So, at this workout - I had nothing. My body said "no more pie."

11.5.10 - Surgery date. Last 5 hours to my anaesthesia. It was awesome. I don't remember anything from the time I was wheeled out of the pre-op room until I was sitting at Panera eating a salad. My first thoughts were - a salad? WTH? My first Intermittant Fast in many years nearly killed me. Pain didn't set in until later that night.

11.6.10 - pain was good this day. Still on crutches. Iced every 30 minutes like clockwork while I was awake. Pain meds rock!

11.7.10 - pretty much the same as 11.6 - didn't do a damn thing.

11.8.10 - Had to be in Court twice this day. Dressed up and with no handicapped sticker I ended up hobbling over a mile to and from the respective court houses. Needless to say by 4 p.m., I was done. Completely. I took my cryocuff with me and kept ice on the knee, but couldn't elevate while driving (court houses were 3 hours apart).

11.9.10 - after Monday, I took this day off work. I have never done so much of nothing in my life. Billed at most two hours and watched the entire first season of Stargate Atlantis on Netflix.

11.10.10 - Bodybuilding begins. - off the crutches and limping pretty good.
Roller, SMR, Yoga.
Becnh Press - 50x10, 60x10, 90x5, 100x5, 105x5x2
Incline - 5 sets
Pec Dec - 4 sets
Cybex Pulldown - 5 sets
Cybex Rows - 5 sets
Cybex lateral raise - 5 sets
Tricep pushdowns - 5 sets
DB lying tricep extensions - 4 sets
Reverse Barbell Curl - 4 sets
DB Hammer Curls - 4 sets
I did not sweat enough, but Kristy and i had a good time. It was at this point I realized that I will need to restrict my caloric consumption exponentially over the next few weeks.

Took my cryocuff to work and applied it while at depositions with my leg elevated. Made for great conversation.

11.11.10 - sore as mutha from the previous day's pumpitude. Did some SMR. Still limping, but each day gets better. Swelling is down more. Iced leg every 30 minutes while in depo and while at home.

11.12.10 - Bodybuilding day 2 - SMR, yoga, - had a break through with the knee today. While doing my yoga, which I've had to modify because of the knee, I was sitting in a seated position and finally, and slowly, pushed my knee straight onto the floor. I had problems straightening the leg and walking because of pain at the rear of the knee. When I forced myself to stretch my hamstrings, the pain suddenly went away. I was then and am now walking with a normal gait - just slower because I still have edema on the knee 7 days post op.

Then off to the pumpatude.

Seated Barbell Press - 20x10, 40x10, 50x5, 60x5, 75x8, 60x10, 40x10
DB Lateral Raise - 4 sets
Cybex Machine press - 5 sets.
Close grip Bench Press - 20x10, 60x5, 90x5, 100x5
Cable Crossovers 4 sets
Lat pulldowns 3 sets
Tricep push downs 5 sets
Overhead cable tricep extensions 2 sets
Overhead DB tricep extension 3 sets
BB Curls 5 sets
KB Bottoms up Clean - 16kgx2x10

No vids until I'm training like a man again. :-D
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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Arden Cogar Jr.
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11.13.10 - Roller, SMR, Yoga. Took Carmen to watch Megamind; best Will Ferrell Flick since Ricky Bobby - walking without a limp, but can feel the edema at the back of me knee. Did quite a bit of walking and rehab stuff. Cheat meal of some stuff crust Pizza - Hootrah!

11.15.10 - Roller, SMR, Yoga. Did not move much this day. Knee is doing well.

11.16.10 - Saw my doc for post op. Had 50% of my medial meniscus removed. Saw all the pictures from the surgery. It was like a string of cartilage was floating around in my knee and wrapping itself around my patella tendon and all the ligaments gumming up the works. No wonder I had so much trouble. Was concerned that I was done until I talked to a good friend and mentor who was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer who refuses to give up - works out three times a day - and is beating the odds, by a long shot. Thank god I had that motivation. I needed it.

Anyway, went to the gym after talking with my mentor and did the following.

Roller, SMR, Yoga.
Pull ups - to the first chin :-D - BWx11,10,8,7,5.
Pull downs - 4 sets
Machine Rows - 4 sets
Cybex Bench - 4 sets
Crossovers - 3 sets
Lateral Raises - 4 sets
Machine Press - 4 sets
A bunch of gay arm stuff - like 8 sets for tris and 8 sets for bis -
More yoga.

11.17.10 - Leg is feeling much better. Did a lot of yoga and SMR as my back and lats are hella sore. Walked a lot. I am taking stairs now the same way I did prior to my surgery. Knee feels pretty good and it's all I am do not to do some form of squat. Truly fighting the urge.

11.18.10 - Roller, SMR, Yoga

Bench - I hate bench - 20x10, 60x10 90x5, 100x5, 110x5, 120x5 - I think I tweaked something in my shoulder, or I was meant to do some form of benching EOD. Dammit! oh well.
4 Board - 120x3, 145x3 - these didn't hurt so I did them.
Cross overs - these didn't hurt.
Lateral raises 4 sets
seated see saw presses 16kgx20L/R 20kgx20L/R, 24kgx20L/R - these didn't hurt either.
Cybex pull downs 4 sets
machine rows - 4 sets
A bunch of gay arm stuff - 8 sets of bi/tri
More Yoga.

11.19.10 - shoulder's sore today, but knee is good. Damn Tampon strings. Will stop flat benching and see how that goes. And do some more smr when I get home.
Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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