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Jesse Woody
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Default Awesome study on GI

This absolutely fascinated me, after reading it slowly once or twice The idea that the lower GI of a food isn't due so much to blood sugar rising less slowly, but by that foods ability to more rapidly spike insulin and get blood sugar down seems to have a million possible implications. Thoughts and comments from those more adept at nutritional science than me appreciated!

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Mike ODonnell
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A better index would be the insulin index....such as skim milk, low GI but has an insulin producing affect.

On the other note...GI is pretty much not important if you are eating with a proper ratio of carbs/fats/proteins. The GI index assumes everything is eaten alone....but we all know you do not eat carbs alone. So if you are eating protein with some carbs and fat...the whole value of the meal is what counts and it will be dramatically lower. We all know too to stay away from processed and non-fibrous carbs. I think it's interesting to show people....but realistically is not an issue if you are eating the right foods and have a protein/fat with every meal. Just more a scientific/dietary fad....and they will pick a new one in another year or so anyways.
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Neal Winkler
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Protein causes an insulin spike as well.
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Greg Everett
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Originally Posted by Neal Winkler View Post
Protein causes an insulin spike as well.
yeah, but the elevation caused by dairy is disproportionate even considering protein's effect.
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