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Jeff Yan
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Default if you only had time to train 1 Oly lift...

-Snatch or clean?

-After that, which variant (full/squat, power, hang, etc.)?

-Does the answer change if you consider both the following hypothetical situations?
1) You've had the opportunity to train other non-Oly barbell lifts. That is, your chosen Oly lift will be used to supplement a non-Oly workout.
2) You can only train this one chosen lift and nothing else.

-Does the answer change if the choice were between snatch or C&J?


On related note, since it's often recommended to teach the snatch before the clean, is it implied that training the snatch will lead to greater improvements in both lifts than training the clean?
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Jamie Crichton
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If it were between snatch and clean I think I'd choose Snatch. If it's between Snatch and C+J, it's a tougher decision... Probably C+J as it's going to get the most weight overhead.

I think people train the snatch before the C+J because that's the order in competition. To a lesser extent, the Snatch is arguably the more technical of the two lifts and so benefits more from being fresh. That is the case for me certainly.
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Jay Ashman
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If I had to only choose one, snatch... and then full snatch. Power snatching is great but I feel that full snatching would benefit me in so many ways...
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Dave Van Skike
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power clean. push press....with an axle.
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Robert Takano
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Thumbs up Clean and Jerk

No question. The classic clean and jerk. It will work the entire body and bring about the greatest strength gains.
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Timothy Holmes
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 220

split snatch. better for most sports i think.
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Arien Malec
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More importantly, who would win: Batman or Superman?
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Garrett Smith
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I'm currently training only the snatch, saving my training energy to get both of my squats higher.

As I think a Highland Games may be my first comp of the year in February, I'm considering switching to power cleans from either above knee or mid-thigh, to help with the caber (my most challenging event). At least I got some practice with a real caber last night and my pick is finally coming together.
Garrett Smith NMD CSCS BS, aka "Dr. G"
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Joe Hart
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Batman...remember he fought superman in the dark knight series and put up a good show.

I am partial to the snatch..
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Scott Kustes
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Full C&J. More accessible, bigger loads. The real answer is probably "depends on your goals".

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