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Justin McCallon
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Red face Choosing a Catalyst Cycle & Modifications...


Short Version
I’m planning to start PMenu/Catalyst soon. I was hoping to get some advice regarding which cycle to do and how to modify it (or whether to do a PMenu cycle at all?). I want to maintain my cardio and general strength abilities while improving my Snatch, C&J, Squat/FS/OHS, and maybe Deadlift/Press. And, I want to finally teach my body to lift with proper form. My main goal is to do well in CrossFit (I only marginally care about Oly Lifting in and of itself).

More Details
My main concern is that, as an Oly Program, Pmenu's cycles don't do a lot of Deadlifts/Strict Presses, so I was thinking about occasionally adding those in...

My other concern is that my form is still pretty shitty. I workout with a good Oly coach (Steve Lewis, the Emory S&C Coach), so he’s helping me, but I learn slower than any retarded kid I’ve ever met.

My ass shoots up on any pull, I don’t wait long enough on my second pull, I usually finish my cleans in an awkward power clean position that does not resemble anything of a front squat (or even the beginning of one), my shoulders hunch forward a bit, and usually I don’t keep the weight in close enough. On the jerk, I don’t put my front foot out far enough, I don’t drop enough, and I move forward too much. My form gets progressively worse as I move up in weight (with, like 50kg on either snatch or C&J, my form looks reasonable).

So, I’m not sure if I should be lifting light more often or what. But, at the same time, a 90% x 1 x 5 type workout is really easy for me to complete, since I’m not advanced -- so maybe it evens out.

I also generally don’t want to lose my pull-up/bench/row/dip strength, but if that’s not reasonable then so be it.

I can workout for 2+ hours every day of the week. I can do 10 weeks of Catalyst (after that, I move and start my summer law job for 8 weeks, which might force me to workout in a non-Oly-friendly gym and have fewer hours to lift).

I have access to all the equipment I need, including a sled/prowler, except for a hanging Rope (for rope climbs), and a sandbag.

My recovery ability/work capacity is very good. I have been doing either (a) three compound lifts 5x1-5 steady weight, full effort + a short metcon, (b) one 5x1-5 + a long metcon, or (c) around eight 500m row intervals, doing between 3-7 days on, 1 day off.

If having some stats is helpful (to see weak points or get an idea of my level)….
Height – 6’4 (76”)
Weight – 205lbs
Clean – 112.5kg (My power clean is about 10-15kg above my squat clean, and I’m debating whether I should even bother squat cleaning)
Jerk – 107.5kg
Snatch – 85kg (I squat snatch semi-properly)
Deadlift – 475lbs (215.9kg) (kinda ugly and powerlifter-looking)
Press – 185lbs (84.1kg)
Back Squat – 345lbs (156.8kg) (deep, low bar, medium stance)
OHS - 225 (don't know Front Squat; haven't done it in awhile)
Bench – 290lbs
Pull-up - +170x1
5k Row – 18:00 (5k run is like 22ish)
“Fran” – 3:30ish

All lifts and cardio abilities are currently the highest they’ve ever been.
On any day I can hit probably 97% on all these lifts (I never have days where I can't deadlift 445, for instance), BUT I tend to lose strength really fast if I'm not doing a lift often.

So, yeah, if anyone could give a recommendation on the ideal cycle for me + what mods to add in since I have some form issues and since I want to improve my deadlift + press and maintain my cardio and other lifts, that would be really helpful.

Thanks a bunch.

Edit: This post is hella long.
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