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Kurt Holm
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Default Torn shoulder tendons

I was benching last week and felt a tearing in my left shoulder. Finally got the MRI results and I have "a complete tear of the supraspinatus tendon with 3 centimeters of retraction. There is a complete tear of the infraspinatus tendon with 3 centimeters of retraction." MD says surgery only real option available with that amount of retraction. Also says I'll be in a sling for 6 weeks and that I may not have all my strength and mobility back for a year!

Any thoughts on what I can/should do once the stitches come out? Thanks.
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Garrett Smith
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Don't bench. Follow what the doc says. Try to find a progressive-minded PT. Get the surgery ASAP. Avoid nightshades, they will delay healing, and delayed healing means poor healing (see my PMenu article on nightshades and nicotine for the references).
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Steven Low
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That sucks dude.

You should DEFINITELY get it repaired if you have any sort of athletic or weightlifting endeavors in the future.

Basically what Garrett said though... find a sports PT preferably. Dose up on the fish oil, cut nightshades. Get diet in tip top order.


Pre surgery -

strengthen as much as possible. All of the muscles in the arm -- grip/forearms, biceps/triceps, all the muscles around the shoulders.

Post surgery --

Keep strength up in the other arm + squeeze stuff with your injured arm.

Lower body exercise as well.

Basically, good nutrition + stay active + strength work will help decrease any atrophy + with injured arm keeping up the muscle activation to it is important.

Get back to PT ASAP.
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Kurt Holm
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Thanks guys. I am scheduled for surgery on 2/24. Until then I will work to keep the shoulder loose and the arm strong. My doctor did advise that I stop the fish oil at least a week prior to surgery but I will definitely keep my diet clean through recovery.
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