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Adam Gagliardi
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Those numbers sound about right if you're just starting. As others have said, this wont last long or for many cycles. Remember JW has been running this or variations of it for about 2 years I believe. Stick with it, it works.
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Steve Shafley
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As with any program, there's a certain amount of buy in necessary to make it work.

If you don't agree with the program, or hate reps, or whatever, then chances are you aren't going to be able to make it work very long.
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Scott Kustes
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Doesn't sound outlandish to me. I did 3 cycles of 5/3/1 and usually put up 8-10 reps on the 5 days. I'd guess that'll taper off the longer you run it.

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Matt Edwards
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People are always looking for quick fixes. But the thing is, strength is a long-term plan. Stick with the program, you have a lifetime to get strong.
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Kevin Perry
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I'm basing my next cycles off if 5/3/1 with mixed Metcon according to what Robb wrote in his blog. Rob said he got good results from it. I did about 2.5 cycles with 5/3/1 before and liked it a lot as it gives enough volume but you need to mix the right assistance work with it.

I saw welbournes post on 5/3/1 he didn't know what he was talking about. Then again, he has to market crossfit football right?
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Jay Ashman
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I just started 5/3/1 and so far I have gotten 10, 11, and 12 reps on my last set for reps. From what I hear it is pretty common in the first couple months of it to have numbers like that.

As far as Welbourn goes, I lost a lot of respect for him in that thread with the way he handled himself. I could care less that he was a pro, 5/3/1 works and if you use it right you will see results.

CFFB isn't better than 5/3/1, furthermore I cannot wait until 5/3/1 for football comes out... that should be killer.
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Steven Low
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You SHOULD have numbers like that when you start out. At least Wendler says you want to be putting up the high reps because starting low will give the best results for progress as you ramp.

Same thing with people starting too heavy on Starting Strength. You tend to stall out faster...
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Chris Forbis
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Originally Posted by Garrett Smith View Post
I've done 12 reps before on a 5+ DL day, that was pushing a bit hard and messed up two DL max attempts I had to do in the next month after that.
I've wondered some about that. Doing a AMRAP set on the DL every week seems like it might be a bit extreme. Is that addressed in the e-book at all? I'm almost certainly going to be buying it, but haven't done so yet.

I think I saw Gant post that he doesn't do AMRAP in week 2 of each cycle. Any other info out there on this?
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Gavin Harrison
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I've used 5/3/1 with pretty good success. I've done 4 days per week triumvirate and 2 days per week almost no supplemental work. That looked like:

Day 1 -
Press 5/3/1
Squat 5/3/1
Pull Ups

Day 2 -
Bench 5/3/1
DL 5/3/1
Pull Ups

Both worked for me, though my bench/press started to stall on this setup, I thought it might have been a lack of extra pressing.

Here's a bunch of notes from a seminar with Wendler for people interested in how he sets up training for different goals:


Also, at the start of a cycle I've gotten around those numbers, 11 bench, 9 squat/dl, etc. It works well for me to come close to maxing out on almost every attempt, but for stronger people it's probably smarter to just get the reps or a few extra without coming close to maxing out.
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Ian Gallimore
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As others have said, 10 reps is pretty much par for the course for week 1, and I've done as many as 20 on a couple of occasions. Last week I pulled 205kg having not pulled any heavier than 170x3 for the last 8 months.

Frrom my experience, having done 8 cycles so far, double the target reps for the day is usually a decent number to hit, although I usually hit more.

I'm not sure where this "adding" metcon to 5/3/1 talk comes from though. It's already a part of the program - it's called Moving North of Vag and is in the book.
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