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Michael Barnes
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hi mate..glad you are giving rugby a go as it is, as you will find, a real team sport where you depend wholeheartedly on your mates and they depend on you... there are no hiding places on the rugby pitch and there is no other sport, that i have played, where comeraderie is more important!! i have just turned 43 and played up until i was 40..i played for my province (ulster) at u18, u19 and u20 levels, all ireland league for 10 or so years with a 2 year stint for wanderers rfc in johannesburg S.A. and a season for portland rfc in maine...my father played senior provincial and my grandfather played for ireland so there is a great history of the game in my family......anyway, i have been reading over your workout log and would like to advise you..you can tell me to pi$$ off if you like..on some aspects of your training...at 6'4" i am assuming you will be playing in the second row or back row.. i would not want to be coming down to 100kg...anything between 115- 130kg would be much more suitable and you would be far more effective at that sort of weight..i wouldn't bother with machines or seated presses, curls etc and would focus on the "big 5"...squats, deads, presses, bench press and power cleans...all these exercises are compound exercises and are much more specific to the game of rugby..all the pro teams concentrate on these exercises..google the bill starr 5 x 5 workout or the rippetoe 3 x 5 workout...these are proven programmes and will have your strength and muscle mass up in no time..you have stated that you will begin met cons in the off season, but this is when the pros will do the likes of the 5 x 5 or 3 x 5 to build size, then met con during late pre season after they have bulked up...there is only a couple more months of the season left and you are still learning the game, so i would just continue with the strength training until late pre season..then you can drop your gym sessions to maybe 2-3 times per week and concentrate on fitness with the rest of the squad....i hope you don't think i'm pissing on your chips here..i am just glad to hear of anyone taking up the game and want to pass on some hard earned knowledge on the appropriate training etc etc that i have picked up through playing the game since 8 years old....good luck and i will be following your progress with the sport with interest so keep the posts coming!

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