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Michael Barnes
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Default from man to machine

hey.. i am a 5'10", 180lbs, 13% bf, 43 yo ex prison guard, ex rugby player, addicted freeride skier, long time trainer...i have been converted to the paleo diet through xfit and have seen tremendous benefits, especially for someone in their 40's..the only non paleo food i take is approx 1/2 gallon of raw goats milk p/d and 1000cal worth of chocolate milk PWO, as these two foods have given me the best results out of everything i have tried over the years (which have all been legal!)..after years of the usual back/ bi's,chest/ tris, legs, shoulders/abs routine, i stumbled upon xfit 3 years ago, and progressed to oly lifting over the past year..after 2 months away skiing, i am back in the gym and on monday past, started the 5 x 5 squat regime courtesy off bill starr...my pb's pre starr are as follows...
bs = 308lbs
dl = 374lbs
press = 154lbs
pwr clean = 220lbs
c & j = 198lbs
snatch 154lbs
bench = 220lbs

this program is over 12 weeks and i have split the sessions into mon wed and fri as recommended... i hope to hit these figures by the end of it...
bs = 360lbs (+52lbs)
dl = 400lbs (+ 26lbs)
press = 175lbs (+21lbs)
pwr clean = 240lbs (+20lbs)
bench = 240lbs (+20lbs)

monday past:

squat 5 x 5 @ 220lbs
press 5 x 5 @ 132lbs
pwr cleans 5 x 5 @ 132lbs
3 x chins to failure

this was a good workout after 2 months off, but i am hoping these numbers will go up quickly over the next 4 weeks as i get back into it, then i expect them to taper off a bit but still increase weekly..
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Michael Barnes
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Join Date: Feb 2010
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still feeling it in the legs after mon... trained at 7a.m. and for the first time ever, with nothing in my stomach...felt grand even though the legs weren't 100%...still on the way back after 2 months off so for the bench and deads i was at maybe 80% for 5 x 5...the squats were around 95% and were harder than mon but that is to be expected

squats 5 x 5 @ 220lbs
bench 5 x 5 @ 176lbs
deads 5 x 5 @ 242lbs
3 x chins to failure
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