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Jonathan Yoon
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So now that there is "The REAL CrossFit Obsession", the question begs:

Is "The REAL CrossFit Obsession" apart of the CF, Inc.?

The business license under the name CrossFit Obsession still has Luke as the owner and the domain name owner is being protected from whois searches. The affiliates page does not have them listed for Virginia Beach like the rest of the affiliates. The only thing that makes sense is that this gym is CrossFit Corporate owned and appears to be exempt of all the rules that paying affiliates have to go through. Makes you wonder if other affiliates will get the same protective treatment if their boxes were to go under. No one protected CrossFit Staten Island when the owner had to shut down.
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Derek Weaver
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My guess is that someone is going to get really PISSED in the Virginia Beach area since the two trainers got a new box full of toys with no personal financial risk, while everyone else took out loans to outfit their gyms and has to pay $2k/year.

I seriously doubt that any other CF Affiliate will be protected if something similar happens.
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