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James Evans
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22 for the weighlifting seminar or 25 for the KB seminar that Crossfit London are putting on is good value. A day of decent coaching with CPD points for the professionals.

$1000 for a cert? I dread to think how much the Brits or the Aussies who have gone over for CrossFit certs have spent. But if we are talking about your career, and hence your livelihood...

One of my best mates is a rowing coach and he has had an Oly coach down to teach the senior men's squad basic DL and squat technique and then really stripped down power clean stuff. He's very, very good.

10 per per class, every couple of weeks. 1 hour of intense coaching. These guy work with the senior Great Britain Rowing Squad (and rowing is something we are quite good at).

On average you get 3 guys turning up so my mate and I take part as well to make it less embarassing (normally I just watch or film the session).

Bunch of numbnuts.
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