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Brian Gill
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Ian, thanks for the reference of olympians at my particular height, but like Alex said I don't think I will compare myself to them. I want to be somewhat competitive when I get back into OLing and I think that the 85kg class will probably be perfect.

Geoffrey I think you are spot on. I will continue to eat and gain as much as I can because I don't see myself gaining more then ten pounds in the next 5 weeks. I will probably end up around 200 lbs when it comes to weigh in and can lose a few pounds before that to get in to the <198 class. Thanks guys! Any suggestions from the PL guys on what my week before the meet should look like? Work up to my warm-ups on Monday?
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Alex Bond
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I like to do a heavy enough squat and bench workout that I don't forget what it's like to have a bar on my back. Certainly don't go nuts, but make sure you are still working. Wednesday I go in and do my openers for squat and bench 1 to 3 times each depending on how heavy I plan to open - heavy opener = only do it once or twice, a lighter opener I may do for three singles. Saturday or Sunday, meet. I don't deadlift the week of the meet besides some real light stuff, not even up to opener. Real deadlifting is too stressful and I don't want to take the chance of being fatigued, and something like Romanians or a deadlift variant with a lighter load worries me the week before the meet because that close in I don't want to ingrain any movement patterns besides the ones I'll be using in competition. Basically, do a medium workout Monday, a light one Wednesday, and stretch/mobility and think positive mental thoughts during your Friday workout time.
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Gant Grimes
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Keep eating and keep training. It doesn't matter if you get into the next class by .001 pounds. Who cares?

For your first meet, you should focus on picking good openers, making proper jumps, and learning how to manage your stress and fatigue throughout the day. Worrying about cutting and maintaining introduces another variable you don't have the experience to deal with right now. Keep lifting, eating, and having a good time.

Click on the 70s Big link in my sig. Several guys from our gym went to the Texas PL meet last weekend. They'll have several posts on it this week.

BTW, nice progress!
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Brian Gill
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Thanks Gant! I'm back on the milk, and heading back towards 200lbs.

Going 9 for 9 would be amazing for my first PL meet.
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