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Derek Weaver
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Any video or diagrams on that SI manipulation? Having a hard time picturing it.

Since the thread I had a while back on activation, I've started having some SI discomfort on the left side, and am looking for some self treatment options until I can get in with another good chiropractor.
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Steven Low
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Not that I know of (although as I said I haven't done a search or anything for stuff like that on youtube).

Just support yourself (or hang from a bar I haven't tried that though) and then basically air glute bridge and squeeze your hammies (heels to butt) as hard as possible.
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Nicolas Gonthier
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I was having constant soreness in the lower back for months when i was trying to touch my toes or if i was curving my back. Its was not hurting bad when i was doing deadlift or olympic lift but i was feeling very week when i was in the bottom squat position. I went see the physio after like 3 months and here was the diagnostics.

After a couple of test, the physio figured out that my spine was not bending at the good place. There is a muscle around the spine called multifidius. My multifidius was kind of sleeping and i was never using it. So, all my spine on the lombard curve ( bottom) was stuck like a rock.

I went for 2 times a weeks for 3 weeks getting small electric shock on my multifidius to tell my brain how to use it. There is a couple of exercices after that to make the lower spine move correctly and the pain cause away. I dont know if my post is relevant to you but i was pretty scared about my back and at the end it wasn't that bad.
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Brandon Oto
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ccrow on the P&B had a diagnostic that I thought was amusing, only about halfway tongue-in-cheek.

- If you hang from a bar and it feels better, then gets even worse when you come down again, it's a bulging disk
- If you get drunk and it feels better, it's a muscle spasm
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