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Grissim Connery
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Garrett: I think i do a fair amount of post. chain work, but i think some sort of coordination issue is off. thus my gluts aren't doing what they should be doing (those bastards). i've been reading more of kelly baggett's stuff recently, so i'd like to check that book out.

Dan: why the TKE's? i had to look them up. is that for glut activation mainly?

in terms of shrugs, i'm finding that behind the back seems to get more stuff moving. behind the back shrugs with supinated and pronated grips get my shoulder blades to move in different ways, and i'm doing both until i find that one seems to offer more benefits.

this is my goal with the behind the back pulling:
I eventually want this to help with a back roll to support on the rings.
i like a lot of this guy's videos. he does these around the world muscle-ups that are pretty legit.

part of the reason that i think i need more upper back development is because i have better progress with front and back levers by raising in concentric fashion as opposed to lowering eccentrically from inverted hangs. it's like as long as i can use my lats more for the FL, then the FL is more sturdy. once i recruit more upper back, then it all falls apart.
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Steven Low
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TKE's target vastus medialis/VM obliquus mostly. Very good if your vastus lateralis/IT band are dominant which is most people.

Will help stop knees from collapsing in during squats and other valgus related disorders.

Interesting you have more concentric success with FL than eccentric. I'd like to see a video of your attempts on both concentric, isometric, and eccentric to see if you're doing anything wrong.
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Grissim Connery
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i'll see if i can get a video on wednesday or thursday once finals are over.
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