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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
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2/25/2011 @CFFB

cfwu 1x10, sub DH pullups

Back Squat
45*5, 135*5, 225*5, 315*3, 315*3, 315*3

500m rows with :60 RI
1:48, 1:51

Several no-leg rope ascent attempts
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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

2/26/2011 @ CFFB

easy warmup

Chelsea-5 pullups/10 pushups/ 15 squats EMOM for 30 minutes

8 rounds within EMOM scheme, then took a minute off; two more rounds, then went one round every two minutes for the rest. Total of about 18-19 rounds total, maybe?

*Well I got my 50 pullups in that I wanted to; however, the bodyweight stuff is my current weakness, along with general metcon. After the highland games next week, I'll start bumping up the MC and trying to lose some lbs.
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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

2/27/2011 @FD

Two aerial ascents, 75' ladder


Daddy's Infirmary, CEO and Founder

3/1/2011 @CFFB

cfwu 1*10

45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 275*3, 365*5, 365*5, 365*5

Three rounds of:
-185# push jerk, 5 reps
-15 foot rope climb

*15 calls at work kept my workout difficult, logistics-wise. I was going to come home and hit it hard Monday, but everyone in the house was sick. Luckily, I was able to get a good one in today. Deads weren't too bad at all, first time in a while I've even done them. I didn't want to go too hard, since I have the Highland Games on Sunday-after shift:censored: The metcon was very fierce, but quick. Adding a gasser movement, like sprints or DUs, would really add to the suckiness of that metcon.
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Old 03-16-2011, 07:28 PM   #74
Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

Catching up with the past two weeks...

3/3/2011 @FD
Three 75' aerial ladder ascents

3/4/2011 @CFFB
Front Squat-work up to a heavy triple
45*5, 135*5, 185*3, 225*, 275*3

20 mins of hollow rocks and superman holds

3/5/2010 @FD

3/6/2010 @Zephyrhills Highland Games
1st place Novice Division, won all seven events
Weight for height: 13'
Sheaf Toss: 20'
Hammer: 74'11.5"
Caber: two 12:15 tosses and a perfect 12:00 toss
Stone throw: 34'7"
Heavy weight for distance: 30'8.5"
Light weight for distance: 40'2.5"

Week of 3/7-3/14: lots of recovery, and lots of basketball

*I had a blast at the Highland Games, and definitely look forward to doing my next event(s). I had zero experience with using the implements, since I literally had to race there once I got off work; however, my hip activation really helped me out. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a few more HG in the c division before they make me bump up to the Bs.
**I signed up for the CF Games Open, mainly to help the other guys at FireBase perform better. As soon as there is a pullup WOD listed, I am done. If I can get my hands on a decent rope, I should do okay at the first WOD.
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Old 03-17-2011, 07:20 PM   #75
Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

3/17/2011 @FD

Lots of DU practice on stupid new licorice rope

One round of Games open WOD #1 @ 90% effort
about :60, DUs unbroken

The Gauntlet-OCFRD Station 41 baseline workout
6x25yd shuttle run (out & back, total of 600 yds)
25 tire flips (tire est 250#)
6x25yd shuttle run

DU practice: easily got 35 in a row, I stopped because my metcon is poopoo

*I bought a rope at a sporting goods store last night, since my speed rope's plastic cover ripped off. I used this same kind of rope at the 2009 Dirty South WOD, and did pretty well with it. I just wanted to see how I'd feel after doing one round of the AMRAP, and I figured the time element to be about right. DUs aren't really a problem for me, and the 75# should be something I can do one-handed; however, seven rounds is really not possible given my shitty metcon at this time. Six rounds plus should be doable for me, although I won't know until Saturday.
**I've also been working on some type of set workout guys on shift can do, and compare their times to others. That's how I came up with the always-evolving "The Gauntlet" WOD. 300 yard of gassers, 25 lightweight tire flips, followed by 300 more yards of gassers. I am looking to keep tweaking the WOD, although all of the guys that do it are completely cashed out.
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Old 03-21-2011, 07:00 PM   #76
Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

3/20/2011 @FD

Three station workout with two other FFs
-Firesled pull and drag
-two evolutions of a 75# bear complex
-25# med ball slams

Three station workout
-plank hold
-hold 105# overhead
-3x20m run/pick up implement/run back with implement
(25# med ball, 50# KB, 125# sand bag)

DU practice, 40 in a row without much issue (not bad for almost 250#)

*Great workout at the station with a couple guys. Legs and back were feeling it. Non-shift days have been a bit tough to get a workout in, as we've been doing a ton of stuff around the yard re: spring. I'm thinking to hit the strength stuff again once wifey and I get back from our mini-vacay next week.
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Old 03-22-2011, 06:12 AM   #77
Derek Simonds
Senior Member
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Originally Posted by Dave Coughlin View Post
DU practice, 40 in a row without much issue (not bad for almost 250#)

*Great workout at the station with a couple guys. Legs and back were feeling it. Non-shift days have been a bit tough to get a workout in, as we've been doing a ton of stuff around the yard re: spring. I'm thinking to hit the strength stuff again once wifey and I get back from our mini-vacay next week.
Nice job on the DU's. Enjoy the time away with the wife.
What we think, or what we know, or what we believe, is in the end, of little consequence. The only thing of consequence is what we do. -John Ruskin

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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

Derek-Thanks man. Next week will be the first time without the kids since before our daughter was born in Fall 2007

3/22/2011 @home

Warmup-mild stretching, chores around the yard

Five rounds:
-5 pullups
-10 KBS w/50#

2min RI

Every two minutes
-30 DUs
-5 50# KB snatch each arm
-rest for the remainder of the 2:00
1:00, :50, :52, :54

*The first couplet was a nice little burner, since I haven't done PUs in a while. The second was my first time trying something along the lines of the Games Open WOD #1, so I was curious from the start. I know the snatches will take longer each round, but I am starting to feel like anything under six rounds is going to be a disappointment....even taking into consideration me giving up metcon for Lent
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Old 02-03-2012, 11:11 AM   #79
Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

Bad logger; it's been too long.

In the 3-4 weeks since my last post, I've competed in a Highland Games, took two complete weeks off, visited and re-connected with family, reset ourselves financially, and started a new workout plan. My 2012 calendar is still not complete, but I have a few events highlighted.

1/15/2012-Central Florida Highland Games
4th overall in B division (18 guys in division)
-1st in Open Stone throw
-2nd in Caber Toss
-3rd in Weight for Height
-3rd in Hammer Throw

This past Monday, I have started to follow CrossFit Football programming. I will be using the Collegiate strength programming for a few months, and maybe bump it up to the Professional level if I can pull it off. I will be trying very hard to follow the site verbatim, albeit one week behind. Also, from now on I will no longer be posting my warmup. Assume I will always perform something to get the blood going, then bodyweight movements, then stretching, and then mobility.

1/30/2012 @ OCFRD Fit Pit

Back Squat-find a 5RM, then 3x5 at 90% of 5RM
45*5, 135*3, 185*3, 225*3, 295*5, then 275*5, 275*5

Bench Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*5, 135*5, 185, 225, 245, 255
(left shoulder didn't like that last single)

-70# Russian DB swing
-CHIN up

*First time squatting in a few weeks, legs were sore all week; same thing for chins. Quite a slap-in-the-face for me today, LOL.

1/31/2012 @ Fit Pit

Deadlift-find 3RM (or heavy triple in my case)
-45*8, 135*5, 225*5, 275*3, 315*3, 365*3, 405*3, 455*F

2/1/2012-Rest day, busy shift at FD anyways

2/2/2012-Unplanned rest day

2/3/2012 @ Fit Pit (Thu and Fri WODs)

Good Mornings-3RM
45*8, 95*5, 135, 185, 225*3

Power Snatch-2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2
45, 89, 101, 111, 122, 155, 177F

Three rounds for time:
-30 walking lunge steps
-10 bar dips
rest a couple minutes, then
Complete Five rounds:
-5 pullups with two chains around neck (est >50#)
-100' farmers walk with 75# DBs
rest after farmers walk, but not after PUs

*The pop-up rest day just sort of happened, so I had to double up on Friday. The conditioning WODs were scaled back two rounds, so I could pull both of them off. Also, the RX was a 45# plate OH on the lunges, and 15 ring dips. Ring dips still hurt my left shoulder (like BP does), and my legs were still pretty beat up from the squats on Mon. So sue me.
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Dave Coughlin
Join Date: Aug 2008
Posts: 88

2/4/2012 @FD

Teams of four, rotate 5x through each station:
-20m out & back prowler 125#
-plank hold
-sledge swing on tire
-225# tire flip

Three rounds of:
-forward 250# tire drag
-5 burpees

2/5/2012 off

2/6/2012 @ OCFRD Fit Pit

Front Squat-find 5RM, then 3x5 @90% of 5RM
45*10, 135*5, 185*3, 225*3, 255*5, 225*5, 225*5, 225*5

Shoulder Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135, 155, 175, 185, 195

WOD-Every 30 seconds perform 3 burpees, for the rest of the 30 seconds perform as many pull ups as you can during the time period. At the next 30 seconds perform 3 burpees and then max pull ups and so on until you reach 100 total pull ups and so on.

Total time-11:58

*Still getting adjusted to the volume of the CFFB strength training, it seems to be just outside of my comfort level....sets of five especially. I held back a few pounds on the FS 5RM, mainly because I went too hard on back squats last week. A little bit of discomfort on the left shoulder once the presses got real, but nothing that stopped me. Tough metcon, but I finished better than I expected.

2/7/2012 @FD-off
swapped CFFB scheduled rest day on Wed for Tue

2/8/2012 @ Fit Pit

Box Jump 5x3 @ 75% of 1 RM Box Jump
limited implements, but managed a pretty tough 38" for 5x3

Power Clean 3 RM, 3x3 @ 90% of 3 RM
133*8, 155*3, 177*3, 199*3, 3*3*177

Sprint 60m, with :30 rest between sprints-fastest was unofficial 8.4
50 evil wheels (scaled from 100)-4:22

*Busy shift, plus nothing to jump on, resulted in a flip-flop of rest days for me. I also took it easy on the 3RM PC, as I haven't done much recently and I learned my lesson from my first CFFB squat session.

2/9/2012 @Fit Pit

SWOD-7x1 of complex: DL, HPC, FS, PJ
45*5, 77, 133, 133, 177, 177, 199, 199, 221

WOD-Six rounds of: Max distance pinch plate carry (45#)
longest set was 140'

2/10/2012 @FD

AMRAP in 15mins:
-3 push jerks (185# for first two sets, then 155# for rest due to shoulder)
-6 pushups
-9 good mornings w/45# DB
12 rounds

2/14/2012 @Fit Pit

Back Squat-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 135*3, 225*3, 275*3, 315, 335, 355, 365, 385F

3RM box jump
4x30 yard sprint
2RM box jump
4x20 yard sprint
1RM box jump
4x10 yard spring
Rest :30 between sprints, rest as long as necessary between jumps and sprints. Record 3RM, 2RM, 1RM box jumps.

3RM-38", 2RM-40.5", 1RM-42"

*First time going for heavy singles on BS in a while, not to mention first time wearing Oly shoes. Felt OK, my previous PR was 375# I think, so I am happy starting my third week of CFFB. I might have been able to get higher box jump numbers, but I am challenged equipment-wise in that regard. Sprints were fun, and short enough I didn't slow down as the intervals went on.....


Deadlift-find a 5RM
135*8, 225*5, 315*5, 365*5, 405*F

Beat the Coach WOD
Every :30 perform:
-one power clean
-one hang power clean
-one push jerk
score is lowest weight
199# two rounds, 177# three rounds, rest at 155#

*Meh, ****ty day. I might start doing 531 just for DLs, as I am not a fan of this decrease in strength. A couple months ago I did 425x10, so failing to get 405x5 is unacceptable for me right now. Tough metcon, courtesy of CF Outlaw, RX weight is 225#.

2/16/2012 @FD busy busy

2/17/2012 @ Fit Pit

Push Press-1, 1, 1, 1, 1
45*8, 95*5, 135, 155, 185, 205, 225, 230, 235

Death by 225# Back Squat
EMOM add one rep
Eight rounds
*Started to favor left shoulder once 225# was on the bar; I have to figure out what is going on with my wing sometime soon. Death by back squat was atrocious! First case of DOMS in a while, my shoulders gave out before my legs quit. Not the aforementioned shoulder pain, just tightness from maintaining the back squat position for such a long time duration.

2/19/2012 Hoops at the FD

2/20/2012 @Fit Pit

Squat 5 RM, 3x5 @ 90% of 5 RM
45*8, 135*5, 225*3, 275*3, 315*5, 285*5, 285*5, 285*5

Helen-three rounds for time:
-400m run
-21 KBS w 55#
-12 pullups

*Nice little improvement on my BS 5RM, at least that is going up! Helen was tough as expected, ran my first 400m in 75sec. First round in 2:40, last two rounds were 4min each. Definitely lacking in the metcon department....

2/21/2012 @Fit Pit

Rack pull (middle of knee to lockout)-find a 3RM
135*8, 225*5, 315*3, 365*3, 405*3, 495*FAIL, 455*3

Sprint three 300 yard shuttles.
-Rest 5 minutes between efforts.
-300 yard shuttle runs are completed with (6) six 50 yard sprints
:59.5, 1:02.1, 1:04

*First time ever doing a rack pull, nice assistance work for my horrible DLs. Looking forward to putting them into my programming. Those 300m shuttles were crazy tough, haven't done something like that in years. Great workout, despite my pedestrian times and awful change-of-direction.
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