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Greg Day
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Default New training log.

Am new here, used to post on a bodybuilding forum but since i moved gyms a couple of months ago my emphasis on training has changed quite alot and i see this as a better place for me to post and gain advice and help about my training.

Current stats
Age - 20
Weight - 80kg
BF% - 13%
Bench Press - 125kg x 1
Back Squat - 140kg x 3
Front Squat - 110kg x 1
Deadlift - 195kg x 2
Clean and jerk - 90kg x 1
snatch - 70kg x 1

Training used to be much more orientated around body building and some powerlifting, i ran 5/3/1 for a long time and loved it. i will run this again sometime in the near future. Have only really been olympic lifting for around 2 months now so obviously techique is a big limiting factor for me at the moment, as well as mobility, but im working on both.

Current training split (about 3 weeks left to go with this routine)
Day 1 - 5/3/1 back squat, snatch work, clean and jerks
Day 2 - Bench press (brad gillingham program) plus upper body assistance
day 3 - Snatch and clean and jerk
day 4 - Mag/Ort deadlift program and front squats
day 5 - second upper body day (dont always have time for 5th day due to working)

In 3 weeks time i go on holiday, after which i am going to diet for around 6-8 weeks, hopefully getting down to around 10% and about 75kg. During this period i am going to do one of the following
1) run an olympic program (possible the 5 week front squat emphasis program on this website)
2) reset lifts and start 5/3/1 again and work on olympic lifts at the same time

Any advice on which option you would opt for please let me know.

Goals by April 2015 (after next bulking phase)
Back squat - 180kg
Deadlift - 230kg
Bench - 140kg
Clean and jerk - 120kg
Snatch - 90kg

So yeah thats basically it, will start logging here today.
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Greg Day
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15/08 - deadlifts

157.5kg x 4, 4, 4, 4
177.5kg x 2
197.5kg x 0 - missed this double
157.5kg x 8

Okay so thought id get this double as the double with 195kg was okay last week. My max is also more than this but think it is down to the fact that i snatched and clean and jerked yesterday so obviously i hadnt fully recovered. I also added 20kg to this program in 8 weeks/ This also marks the end of this particular deadlift program. From now i will front squat on my day when i snatch and clean and jerk.

Front squat
felt good, got these 3 singles pretty easily and with good depth, in comparison to 8 weeks ago with the one single i did with 110kg which was very hard and lacked depth, so definitly made progress here.
105kg x 1, 1, 1

Glute ham raise
bw x 12, 12, 12

bw x 10, 10, 10

hack squats
just a light 3 sets of 8 to finish with minimal rest.
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Dan Ewer
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Go with an oly program and just add some body building work at the end of each session.. If you have a good base IMO you'll be fine as far as looking good goes..

Look at the Chinese lifters, they are all pretty jacked, and that's pretty much what they do..

I've found I've maintained or even gained some size through chest and arms just by doing push ups, rows, pull ups at the end of sessions, oly lifts looks after the rest of your body
My log

Feel free to troll and caress

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Greg Day
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Yeah it think this is route i will go down to be honest. Im going to start off with a shorter program just to see how i like it and what not and then after which i will probably run a longer one
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Greg Day
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16/08 - upper

Dont always get a second upper day per week in, so took this opportunity to work at some higher volume for push presses.

Push press
60kg x 8
70kg x 5
75kg x 3
80kg x 1 - PR
75kg x 3
70kg x 5
60kg x 8

Weighted pull ups
bw + 15kg x 5, 5, 5

Weighted dips
bw + 15kg x 5, 5, 5

Barbell rows - did these light and with higher reps, normally do them heavier with low reps so was nice to change it
60kg x 12, 12, 12

Face pulls and lateral raise super set to finish
3 x 12 on both
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