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Geoffrey Thompson
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It's not random if you're doing it right after squatting.
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Samuel Hughes
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Thanks for all the replies guys.

The dextrose/maltodextrin is actually the cheapest thing on that list... like $2/lbs and I use maybe 15g per lift...works out to 6 cents per lift (much cheaper than a piece of fruit and, though less nutritious, faster acting). Fish oil and quality vitamin D etc are what hurt my budget the most.

But aside from that, I easily get my protein... the cuts I enjoy tend to be leaner. I have to slather everything in oil and avocado to get the calories in. I'm moving my log "#4" over here and am going to try to remember to post my weight every monday. My major concern is whether I can post gains only eating carbs (other than veggies) in the 2 hours around my workout.

I am following a linear progression for at least my squats and deadlift (hopefully), so the heavier weights are in the future (hopefully again). I'm a stimulus addict though, so when I work my ass off through that last set of squats... I'm so pumped I can't wait to go at something else, hence the metcon. If I don't do something...I end up doing HSPUs and front levers from the piping in my apartment instead of studying.
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Will Peterson
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I'll admit that I sat down and cried a couple of times during a Smolov cycle. Never mind that I was overtrained and injured . . .

6 weeks later I'm coming around. Your progress sounds smart -- keep it that way and you will be happy. Metcons can have their place when you are not looking to take a shot at elite level competition. Extra auxiliary work will fatigue you, but -- without a coach watching the results of each workout -- it has its place in injury limiting.
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