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Greg Chin
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Originally Posted by Gant Grimes View Post
Yeah, 10s sound absurd in the context of weightlifting, but at least with this drill they seem to work. The drill corrected my pulling mechanics significantly as when I was first learning to Snatch I had this tendency of letting the bar get too far in-front of me on account of an inconsistent second pull.

For a few weeks every workout I warmed up with these using just the bar and sometimes up to 30-40kg.
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The sets of 10 do sound odd, but this was a drill that Yurik Vardanian recommended, and recommended for multiple sets of 10, so I am very hesitant to dismiss it... but he did it from mid thigh to the top of the second pull, just a little different than what you are doing. It seemed to work for Norik.
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Johan Simu
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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
quite a few things you will improve on over time, but some big ones -

first, you're too far forward on your feet. think of staying on your heels the whole time and let yourself extend on the toes naturally.

second, if you're hitting your pubic bone and pulling early with your arms, chances are you'll do better with a wider grip.

third, your upper back is super rounded. this looks like more of a lack of mobility than anything you're doing/not doing intentionally. but that will limit what you can do in the lifts - spend lots of time foam rolling and stretching so you can get fully extended.

finally, and probably most importantly, you need to be way more aggressive. it looks like you're not putting any effort into it at all - it's understandable to not be moving super fast when you're thinking about all the things you need to do, but try some reps without thinking and focus only on speed - you might be surprised how well they turn out.
Thanks a lot for the advice!

My upper back is a mess, to many years of benching with zero overhead work and zero stretching combined with 8+ hours sitting in front of a computer and I am hunched over like quasimodo. I foam roll it almost daily now but progress is staggeringly slow.

What stretches would you advice me to hit to lose up the area more?

I will try out the things you suggest and get back on how it feels!
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