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Shane Skowron
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Originally Posted by sean richard View Post

quote from link "Ultrarunners are an idiosyncratic bunch. They practice the sport in a thousand peculiar and individual ways. But on any given weekend, a high percentage of them will all be doing pretty much the same thing: completing a long training run. That’s because the long run is widely recognized as the most important element in the ultrarunner’s training regime, especially for the beginner."

I guess this article proves that crossfit endurance will not work if you want to make it to the top in ultra endurance events. CFE might get you fit enough to finish 100 miles but to finish at the top it looks like one long run a week is needed
Exactly right.
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Garrett Smith
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Are you saying I can't Tabata sprint my way to the top of the ultra world??? This cannot be!
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Steve Shafley
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So far it doesn't seem to let you get to 15 miles, much less 50.
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Adrian Miles
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Steve - you'd be refered to as a 'hater' on the CFE boards by some..
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Brian Stone
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I've been training for the marathon goal for a bit. Talking to runners, I understand a lot of factors are important with respect to race day itself, just like any competition. There are the mental effects to focus on with running in front of spectators and being in competition itself, and then moderating your pace and not starting to subconsciously draft behind other runners. Also diet on race day and other things are all considerations. I think getting in gradually longer races and starting small is invaluable.

I'm doing a half marathon in October and will run a full sometime thereafter based on my experience at that event, but right now I'm leaving the timing and planning for further progress until after an evaluation of my performance and progress. This is more or less the advice I've gotten from other runners.
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Darren Reed
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Default 21km

I have run a few half marathons on nothing but short metcon training. Its doable, but you arent going to compete with endurance athletes who have trained specifically for the event. You wanna excel at long distance, you gotta train long distance at some point! I was able to "slog" through 21 as mentally, I now KNOW i can run it, and it just doesnt "hurt" as much as some of the workouts we do, so its purely just a matter of grinding it out. But, as always, knowm your goals. If you want to kick serious tail at half to ultra marathon events, dont expect to do it on metcon and sprints alone! Consult anything written by Tim Noakes.
you work, you reap
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