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Matt Cricchio
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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
But what if we have to jump over multiple midgets in an unknown and unknowable situation at complex quantities of intensity
Why is this dude still allowed to post?
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Jarod Barker
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Originally Posted by Matt Cricchio View Post
Why is this dude still allowed to post?
It's all in fun. We all drank the kool aid at one point, now it's just a friendly joke.

Anyways, Andrew knows his shit, just check out the thread on triple extension. Or check out the link in his signature, tons of great posts. Not to mention, his avatar rocks!
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Emily Mattes
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Originally Posted by Fernando Mendoza View Post
Hi Emily, appreciate the response. Based on your response I assume you carry two pairs of shoes to the gym if you have lifting and jumping activities scheduled on the same day? I figure I might get used to doing it, given that I got used to bringing my chalk everywhere else (except the gym I'm at now, which provides it's own chalk for members). Where I'm coming from is that I generally just wear one pair, my lifting shoes, right now - from the locker to the gym, and back. I've seen other people change shoes at the platform, but I've always been under the impression that is excessively protective behaviour for a pair of shoes that get whacked 4-5 times a week. Either way, potentially now I've got to buy new shoes. Do you know what type of running shoes would be good to support (and withstand I guess) jumping activities?
Ha, I bring 2-4 pairs to the gym, depending on what I'm doing:
Oly shoes - Oly lifting & squats, stone loading, axle/log work

Hi-top Converse knock-offs - Most other lifting including box squats, sometimes dynamic outdoor work like sled pulling and whatnot

Onitsuka Tigers - Jumping, sprinting, dynamic work

Hiking boots - Heavy strongman outdoor work, yoke, keg carries, heavy sled pulls (these have better tread)

The Converse and Tigers are somewhat interchangeable for some exercises though I stick with the Converse for box squats, and the Tigers for sprint work. I generally don't do more than three pairs in a workout, and that's usually my event days as they're 3-4 hours long and cover a lot of different lifting ground.

EDIT: Reading this, it all sounds ridiculous but is pretty par for the course for the strongmen who train at my gym. The only pair of shoes I've bought recently are the Converse ones, everything else is 2-3+ years old.
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Brian M Smith
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I would think doing olympic lifts in your wl shoes is probably the most stress they see, no?

The polish team did box jumps in their shoes w/o problems (at 2:11) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU7bEr1ZyuQ
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