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Jarod Barker
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Question Compex Electrostim

I just thought I'd get some general opinions on the Compex Muscle Stimulator machines. I've read quite a few really positive reviews of them.


I think they're also available through betterbraces.com
They seem pretty cool, and I've found electrostim at the physical therapist to be beneficial in the past, so I felt like this would be a good/decent option. But of course, I'm a perpetual skeptic, and I hate spending money on things that don't work... so, has anyone tried one of these things? All the demo locations are in CA otherwise, I'd go try one myself.

I feel like this is a bit like the vetrolaser vs. FDA approved cold laser. It has FDA approved on it, so it costs more. But I'm unaware of another unit that does all these things. I know there are many similar units, Globus being the most similar though I haven't seen many reviews of it.

Any opinions? Thanks guys!
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