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Garrett Smith
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Also, I would trust www.sweatitout.com with my compression purchases in the future, personally. I have some of their hip/groin shorts from when I strained an adductor, and I really like them.

The UA ones I bought, I don't remember why I got them, I'd rather have the Sweat It Out ones.
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Andrew Midmer
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Thanks for the link Garrett.
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Chris Snyder
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I have both Zoot and Skinz compression tights. At this point, I can't really tell if they do anything or not. Over night, I wake up annoyed with them and rip them off. After a morning workout, I will wear them under my work cloths where I sit at a desk all day. I still don't know if they make one bit of difference. By the end of the day, I cannot wait to get home to take them off. I have found that jumping in a barrel of ice water up to my waist does way, way more than the tights ever did.

I have an older friend (54) that has them and absolutely loves them. He also has really high blood pressure and cholesterol and general health issues. I've come to think that the people that really benefit from them had circulation issues to begin with and possibly didn't know it. Most of the people that convinced me to get them were in their late 30s to 50s. After getting them and not being impressed, I talked to people my age (27), most didn't really feel a difference.

There is one area that I did feel a difference: driving or flying long distances. A 14 hour drive or 6 hour flight and my legs don't feel AS bad as if I go bare. The effect of sitting is still there, just not as noticeable.

With that being said, anyone interested in slightly used Size 2 Zoot tights for a deep discount?
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Andrew Midmer
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Default Sugoi

Went with a pair of Sugoi tights. Will comment later on how I feel.
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Spencer Mackay
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I think compression gear is primarily effective with athletes who are elite in their field. These athletes are trained to a point where tiny changes to variables such as training, nutrition or recovery are what can give them a performance edge, hence why it 'works'. I think there is also a subjective element to it, where what works for one person may not work for another.

On a side note, I feel the neoprene compression shorts are the way to go, they're a lot more heavy duty.
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