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Andrew Wilson
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Default Video Reenactment: CrossFit Founder tells Josh to use STFU therapy

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPgBUXUjuzg straight copied and pasted from crossfit.com to xtranormal
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Shane Skowron
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Fun fact: on that same date Glassman also considered eliminating the burpee from CrossFit. He also discusses his past career in banking.
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Andrew Wilson
This message has been deleted by Andrew Wilson.
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Geoffrey Thompson
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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
There's still hope in not becoming another statistic.
Athletics, is out there, and coaches have actual phds and haven't killed anyone. 3 levels of track and field certifications for half the price of one CrossFit Level 1 cert. Its fun.
Also, there are college scholarships available and Olympic medals for the taking. And people can actually recognize the sports. Athletics: the sport of fitness.
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