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Garrett Smith
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Originally Posted by Blair Lowe View Post
Yes, Garrett, I still miss the iron when doing gymnastics only. I may even miss GPP, ok not really but it's fun so long as a bbq is afterwards.
I don't miss GPP at all. A rowing warm-up is about all I can stand (and fit into my workouts). I just BBQ at home.

That said, I may have to start training the KB snatch for high reps if I want to get a certain "shirt" at my buddy's gym, so that will definitely count as GPP and cut into my other stuff.

On the topic, for most people going for the old 200/300/400/500 numbers, I see no reason why a gymnastics-based upper body and BB-based lower body organized workout scheme shouldn't be able to get them to those numbers in time (assuming decent BW and lacking extra BF).

I got to a 270# bench with mostly gymnastics-ish training, and that was only 1-2 days a week. 4 days will have me progressing much faster, I know it. My DL needs time and work, my BS was only 20# away at my last meet.
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Blair Lowe
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rowing? FML that is boring stuff, I'd rather run most of the time.

endurance kb stuff sounds ok, but I'm pretty sure that could be bore me. then again it is probably more interesting than kb swings.

Troy, I've been told that doing just 531 with BP and press may be just fine with gymnastic work but I have my doubts and I'd really hate for it to screw with my gymnastics upper body strength goals.
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Steven Low
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Originally Posted by Andrew Midmer View Post
Thats what I was thinking - that volume and combining the programs would be too much. My line of thought was to only do the main movements in 5-3-1 and then use the skill/gymnastics work either before or after. One will have to drop off as I continue, but the demands of both are very different.
Yes, but its more movement based work instead of the statics.

Since everyone wants the statics they go for that type of program.

As I stated here you can work lots of mvoement based work instead of statics:
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