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Anton Emery
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Default What is everyone up to?

Hi Folks,

It sure is quiet on this forum so I thought I would throw out a topic to get some conversation going. What is everyone doing as far as combat sports training, S + C, etc?

After training BJJ for a number of years I have been happily immersed in Judo for the past year and half. A new school opened up here in town about two years ago, Portland Judo. It is run by Roy Kawaji and Andy and Louie Hung, who are all from Hawaii. I believe Roy ran a school in Hawaii and Andy and Louie are both high level Judoka. Andy was an Olympic alternate a few years back. The latter two are also purple belts in BJJ.

I took a few classes, really enjoyed the warmth and attitude of the club, and decided to join. It has been a ton of fun so far, and quite a learning curve. Though my ground skills are decent from BJJ judo stand up is just something else. The time and explosiveness are just skills I never learned. Plus its horribly tiring Everything can be slow and methodical in BJJ if you want to play that game. Not so in Judo, at least in my limited experience.

Unfortunately I had to take the past few months off due to a tweaked shoulder. We drilled morote seonagi one day and afterwards my shoulder just never stopped hurting. Something was off with my form, and my shoulder on the lapel grabbing side was being strained when I would backstep into the throw. Thankfully it seems to be getting better so i hope to start training again soon.

Ive let BJJ kind of take back seat during this time. The school also has BJJ classes, so I get in enough rolling to at least keep my level consistent. But I dont feel like I am concentrating enough on it to make a ton of progress. All in good time I guess. Ill hit the BJJ hard again eventually, it would be nice to get my purple belt one day.

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