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Justin Arnold
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Default Bumper plate choice

Hello all,
I have a set of pendlay elite bumpers that I'm not entirely happy with, and looking to upgrade soon.

Seems like I remember Greg mentioning that the only equipment consistently holding up in his gym was werksan.. is this still the case?

Also, when talking colored plates, for werksan the price difference between the colored rubber training bumpers and the certified poly(I assume) & metal plates (like what you'd see at a lifting meet) isn't huge.. advantages/disadvantages to both?

Is one quieter when dropped than the other?

I've eliminated eleiko from the running due to continual problems with the new generation eleiko plates used at my pay gym. We have some uesakas that are awesome (tight on the bar, quiet, little bounce, no bolts loosening), but extremely expensive. Anything else I should look at? ZKC? DHS? I'm open to spending werksan levels of money for good equipment.

Anyone used Werksan's rubber change plates? good/not good?

Thanks for any info..
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