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Jacob Rowell
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I typically don't have the best luck pushing the deadlift and backsquat at the same time. I'd do the deadlifts every other week to spread out the stress. Squatting volume might be a little on the high side - you'll just have to watch out for how much knee and hip extension/running is going to pop up in metcons. I don't think the 5x5's will kill anyone, just depends on how low you start. The first thing I would do if a lot of folks are stalling would be to drop the 5x5's to 3x5's.

Beyond that, when I did SS, I found that recovery had to be pretty precise once I got to the point where I was really depending on a little progress to make my lifts. Things like riding my bike too much, not eating enough, not sleeping enough, would screw me - there just wasn't much room for error, and I would get derailed pretty easily. I've favored a combination of max effort, rep maxes (Max reps @ X%), or finding daily maxes and working volume off those numbers, all for the sake of giving some flexibility based off recovery from the week's metcons.
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Ben Byram
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My views on Crossfit aside, I'd drop a metcon as I expect 3 is enough and do.

M - Skillwork + metcon
T - Squat 5x5, Press 3x5, Deadlift 1x5
W - Long metcon
T - Off (I don't like 5 days in a row)
F - Power clean 5x3, Squat 3x5 + metcon (with pressing included).

You cover all the lifts, sufficient metcon and better recovery.

I'd add a little weight to Tuesday's squat for Friday, then use that same weight for 5 sets across on Tuesday of the following week.

Just my opinion....

.... on reflection, Monday's metcon would be better on Saturday as I agree doing anything before heavy squats isn't good. Or some LSD cardio or long-intervals - heaven forbid.
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Kyle Redinger
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Thanks for the feedback, here's an idea with alternating weeks, and less squatting volume.

Week 1

• Monday – Squat (5x5) + shorter metcon
* Tuesday – Heavy Deadlift (3-3-3) + shorter metcon
* Wednesday – Longer Metcon + skillwork
* Thursday – Squat (3-3-3-3-3) + Press (3-3-3-3-3)
* Friday – Power Cleans (3-3-3-3-3) + shorter metcon

Week 2

Monday Squat 5RM (2nd week), 3RM (4th Week), 1RM (6th week) + shorter metcon
Tuesday – Power Clean 2-2-2-2 + shorter metcon
* Wednesday – Longer Metcon + skillwork
* Thursday –Press (3-3-3-3-3) + Good Morning/RDL/Alternative
* Friday – Weighted Pullup (3-3-3-3-3) + Short metcon
Owner of CrossFit Charlottesville
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Dave Van Skike
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unless your beginners are high school boys with a light class load, you're waaaay over-programming this.
Practical Strength
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Old 02-06-2011, 02:04 PM   #15
Troy Kerr
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This is very similar to an approach I used 6 months back with the Wendler 531 program. Programs like this can have a number of benefits. For my gym, it involved constant weekly coaching on the big lifts: squat, press,dead, clean. This made coaching a lot easier as we did not have to constantly do a 10 minute explanation of each lift whenever it came up in a workout.
This is great for building some strength numbers as well as maintaining some work capacity. So almost like beginner's to crossfit, or just beginners in general. The metcons can be stretched out with some higher volume, if rest breaks are implemented. This is more interval style training, and in my experience does not have big interference with recovery.
If you are working with some beginning clients that just want to get in shape and are new to the gym scene, this program will be fine for awhile. However if you are working with clients that wish to compete in crossfit events, they will need to have exposure to more pure "constantly varied" workouts, as opposed to "finishers".
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Dave Van Skike
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My stance will always be that if the conditioning work isn't interferring with recovery on the strength work, then soembody is candy assing the barbell work or the conditioning.

if you turn all the "metcons" to "recovery work...I'd say you're gold.
Practical Strength
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