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Cain Morano
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Default 5/3/1 works, novice adaptations are awesome

Andrew, I just finished a three week cycle of 5/3/1, my legs are also weak.

Three days a week I did back squats for three weeks...my tested 1RM was 285.
Monday 5/3/1
Wednesday 3x5 across
Friday speed sets
Today I did the last loaded week of the cycle, 5 reps/3 reps/max reps. I squatted 245 nine times. Theoretically my 1RM has increased. According to the Brzycki formula, which all of my performance has adhered very closely to so far, my current PERCEIVED 1RM is 315. I would definitely believe a 15-20 pound gain. Irrespective, I am now a lot stronger than when I started.
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Troy Kerr
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Robb Wolf outlined a template where he was using oly lifts for his supplemental work. I believe the snatch was on deadlift day, and the clean on back squat days. The outline can be found on his blog while he was recovering from adrenal fatigue. The snatch was done before the deadlift, and I believe it was the same for the power clean.
If you want to improve on your slow lifts as well as oly lifts, Mike B. has a generic program that focuses on oly lifts and uses some of the slower lifts as supplemental work. It is easily modifiable. I used it with some of my athletes a few months back and just took out the 3rd day.
As a side note, after discussing this with some other sources, it appears oly-lifts can dramatically increase the slow lifts. More specifically the clean on the front squat, the snatch and clean on the deadlift, as well as the jerk on the strict press. I am sure this is do to the fact that you are moving a smaller percentage of your 1rm dead, front squat, and press much faster, and in the case of the jerk, putting more weight overhead.
Anyways I hope this helps you out.
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Andrew Midmer
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Hey Troy,

Probably a little chicken and egg argument with regards to carry over and Oly vs. Slow lifts. I know Louie Simmons believes the carryover with powerlifting to Oly is substantial. Though he trains PLifters (biased). Either way will be exciting to see how the change goes. Probably needlessly complicating the matter, but always good to get opinions/theories on it.
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