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Gareth Rees
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Default The correct way to start a pull from the hang

Hi guys,

Just re-visited Harvey Newton's book after not having read it in over a year, and have recently mostly used Greg's progressions to learn the lifts, and so most of my thoughts and beliefs mostly coincide with his.

My question is this;
Greg begins his pulls from blocks/hang by initiating it with a DKB and following through to the pull, but Newton begins straight from the point at which the DKB has just finished through to the pull. Maybe I'm just looking too much into this and it really doesn't matter, or maybe I'm not, but I'm just wondering which is better (if even there is a difference)? Personally I'd see merits for both, leaning more towards initiating the pull with a DKB being superior. I hope that I've worded this correctly that you all understand exactly what I'm getting at.

Any thoughts, or experiences?
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You can start a pull from various different positions...
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