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Darla Powell
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Default Chocolate Milk?

Ok. I used the search function and found surprisingly little on this. Anyone use chocolate milk PWO? Thoughts? Experience? I have been dieting and cutting out my carbs while doing weight training and H.I.I.T. style stuff but I am dragging. I was kinda hoping this PWO would give me a little more mileage. TIA
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Steven Low
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Tis awesome if you're trying to add muscle and/or weight gain (and are not allergic like I am... I still drink it sometimes regardless).
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Wayne Riddle
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My favorite PWO drink, I toss in my creatine for the day into the milk, add my chocolate, mix and enjoy.
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Jeffrey Cupra
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I like Chocolat milk PWO a lot. Been using it for at least 4 months now

For some more in depth info (WFS)http://oakbrooksc.com/docs/stager_chocmilk_study.pdf
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