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Originally Posted by Philip Stablein View Post
The advice doesn't get more expert than Glenn...so I am going to toss some questions his way.

I advised Cain to abandon the Hartman program, not because Dr Hartman's program isn't excellent (it certainly is) but because I think its a little more advanced than Cain needs right now. Cain squats in the mid 200s right now, and to my understanding hasn't really given a linear squat program its full due. Given his height and weight (5'11 205 iirc) I think he has some more general strength in him, and these next few weeks would be spent pushing that general strength up. The template I suggested is

Snatch heavy
Clean and jerk singles across ( or clean and jerk technique work)



Clean and Jerk heavy
Snatch for sets across (or snatch technique work)


And that he try to move the squats and deads with workout to workout increases. Reflecting on it now (and I am sure he will read this!) I think maybe push-pressing might be more useful than strict pressing.

Does the extra context I've provided garner any further comment Glenn? Have I led my buddy astray? Or are we speeding up a general strengthening process which will hopefully positively transfer to his lifts (60/95 in April, slightly higher now)? I eagerly await your comments!
I made the commrent that I did because it sounded like he was making PR's, including squat PR's, on the program he was on. I am always hesitant to change from a program that is in the process of producing PR's even if the main component is dancing the hokey pokey... progress is progress and if your lifts are going up ride the train as far as it will go and dont ask question...

That having been said, the program you changed him to sounds pretty good, and hopefully will continue to produce PR liftrs. I do agree that a grown man who is squatting in the 200's should be able to milk the fastest progress out of linear progression, at least in most instances.

Good luck to both of you.

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Bee Brian
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I really want to meet Glenn Pendlay in person and just kiss his hands and tell him how much I appreciate him building the mutant that is Donny Shankle...

And did you know Jon North is a robot? He said it in his blog. Michael Hartman created the blueprint while Pendlay went to NASA to have them create a funny, olympic weightlifting machine that looks exactly like a human being.

Technology has gone far...
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