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Mark Fenner
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Sorry this took so long: Easter and some troubles with Verizon .... anyway

So, I'm looking at "Applied Strongman training for sport" by Poliquin and McDermott. If I recall, you said it was about $40. So, here goes.

Chapters: Intro, Sled, Farmers Walk, Super Yoke, Log Press, Tire Flipper, Complexes

Book is about 110 pages.

We can all get a lot out of the intro, sled, farmers, log press, and complex chapters. Yoke and tire require specific equipment or substitutions. Farmers walk and log press can be done with standard dumbbells and barbell. Sled can be improvised a number of ways.

Sled chapter is ~35 pages. Many different types of pulling. Some routines at the end. Good detail on how to execute different drags.

Farmer's walk is 20 pages. Fewer variations. Some good tips.

Rest of chapters are about 15 pages each except tire which is 10 and complexes which is 5. Log pressing variations are a bit weak (press, jerk, incline presses, etc.).

Overall, probably not worth $40 bucks but probably worth $20. So, it comes down to dropping an extra case of beer on a decent book.

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Robert Allison
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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback!

Pretty much confirms what I was thinking on the Poliquin book. At $40, a 110 pg book had better be filled with pure gold. But I would drop $20 on a used copy just to satisfy my curosity.

I am definitely interested in Training for Warriors and some of the other Parisi stuff...
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