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Philip Stablein
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Default Weightlifting Training during Ramadan

Hi Greg and Catalyst community,

Its the time of year again, Ramadan, when I fast with my wife. I've gotten the food portion figured out, with 4 years of practice now, but I need a training plan for 2011.

Some background: This year I've added 22kg to my (meager) total from 200 to 222kg. My numbers are 102 sn, 120 cnj, 147fs and 182bs. I'm on a roll, stringing together many good months of training from Oct 2010 until now, injury and break free! This year I've done the 12 week strength and power program from Greg's book, and a modification of the LSUS program which ended up looking a lot like the current "Strength by Feel" program.

My current cycle is scheduled to taper for a meet on July 30th in York PA, and Ramadan begins the next day. I can take the week after the meet as unstructured week, but... what to do for the next 3 weeks?

I believe I'll be able to lift 3 days a week during the fast (currently doing 5 or 6). I had considered doing a variation on the Russian squat cycle, with 60-70% classic lifts and back squats only, but am unsure if a squat cycle is a good plan during a time of limited recovery.

Suggestions for a plan/program for those 3 weeks? After those 3 weeks its back to normal in terms of food, sleep and recovery.

I'm 28, 6'1 and 102kg. Hoping to make the AO and Nationals in 2013.

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Greg Everett
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I wouldn't do something as demanding as that squat cycle - it's hard enough with as much food as you want. I would keep the volume low and not prescribe yourself any weights - go by feel day today and take advantage of the days you feel good, and don't freak out about the days you don't.

Maybe something like:

day 1:
snatch to heavy single; 3-5 back off singles on the min at 80-90% of that HS
snatch pull - heavy 3x3
front squat - maybe heavy 3 or 2 w/ a couple back-off sets

day 2
same as #1 but w CJ and BS

day 3
sn & CJ heavy singles
BS or FS
SLDL or good morning

you can probably stick with that for 3 wks, or each wk reduce the volume a bit by reducing back off sets or reps in the pulls and squats. good luck.
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