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James Evans
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Originally Posted by Steve Shafley View Post
Shit isn't black and white.

When I played rugby I could run 3 6:30 miles in a row, Squat 405x5, and also do the splits, so, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility.
Shaf, you used to run distance before you started lifting didn't you?

Clearly you didn't reach 405x5 overnight nor did you lose the ability to run 6:30 miles in that period.

There are guys on this board who lift and run all the time. It's doable. The problem to me is that too many people try to do much shit too much of the time. And they equate everything to the means and results of professionals.

Everyone wants to be elite don't they? Wonder where that came from.
The rationale for reduced gin intake and the knowledge of the perils of alcoholism and attendant metabolic derangement has almost entirely come from physicians and researchers.
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Steve Shafley
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I'm not saying go nuts on everything. Be sensible and plan. Keep benchmarks and keep on top of them.

Plenty of field athletes train with weights, condition, and do sport specific practice, and exhibit good distance running times (say, within a 5k distance) and decent strength.
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David Hardy
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Linear progression while training that much running might be too much to ask for, unless he's very undertrained in the squat.

I would move to a more intuitive weight selection.
Currently training for a marathon, and still squatting, and this is basically what I've experienced. I was able to do 5-3-1 for a while and still make gains in both strength and endurance. Closer to the race, as my milage has increased I've gone onto a kind of auto regulating type of thing 2-3 times a week, and that seems to be ok, although obviously its slower progress on the lifting. But the training necessary to get through a 10 mile race, even with obstacles, is surely not going to completely halt your progress, as long as you're doing something consistently.
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Eric Birkner
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Thanks for all the great comments. Keep them coming!

I think I will try LP, starting out very light, and track my recovery.
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