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Ben Glidewell
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Default Time for a New Training Cycle?

I am finishing up my 2nd cycle of the Sample Master's Program posted in the articles section. I am thinking of changing to another cycle with a more aggressive linear progression and higher volume. I am a novice OLY lifter with a power lifting background, 31, 5'8, 220#. I like the 3 day template of SMP working OLY on M-W-F and I have added a strength day on Saturday (deadlift or press). My form/technique is improving and the weight is going up gradually. I am thinking of going to the "general program" in the training cycles, but I would rather not give up my strength day on Sat. Since it is a 5 day program is it worth switching over if I run OLY MWF, or if I do give up the strength day I would still have to carry over one day to the next week...

Any suggestions or questions to consider would be appreciated
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Bee Brian
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How about the one from coach Plamen Asparukhov?

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Ben Glidewell
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Thanks for the reply

I don’t know if my technique is proficient enough to work MTR right now... I am looking for more of a linear progression program/cycle. Has anyone completed the "general program" with good results?
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Greg Everett
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Ben -

Since no one else has offered an answer, I will chime in and say that I've used that general program and iterations of it many times with quite a few lifters and have had good success.
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