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Troy Kerr
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Default Diabetic Neuropathy

I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was five years old, I have now had the condition for 16 years. After a year of terrible leg pain I was finally diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. Aside from medications to treat the condition, I am wondering if there is anything else, training or mobility related I can do to help the condition. I wake up with sharp shooting pain at my SI joint, and I can only stand for short periods of time before my legs start to ache. My leg training has recently dropped off. Glute-Ham raises tend to irritate it a bit more, however single leg squats on a plyo box don't. Obviously I wouldnt want to include a movement in my routine that causes pain. If anyone has any experience with this condition and has any advice that would be great. I am mainly looking for any mobility advice that might help to alleviate some of SI joint pain.
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Steven Low
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It may be a good idea to get this checked out with a physical therapist.

I personally do not have much experience with this, but we were taught about some of this stuff in school so I am sure there are some therapists who specialize in helping people move better and pain free with diabetic neuropathies.
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