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Simon Moradi
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Default Carb backloading

Hey guys,

Wondered if anyone here are familiar with carb backloading, and if so, have you tried it?
I know a few MDUSA and cal strength people do it and it caught my interest.

Just have two quick questions regarding it,

1. Are 10 days really enough to fully adapt ketosis and the metabolic shift? Thought this took weeks.
2. And once you start carb backload, won't that pull you out of ketosis immediately and you would have to re-start the prep phase?
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Blair Lowe
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I've never heard of ketosis happening that fast generally being 2-3 weeks. A lot of this is possibly to just align hormone levels (can't exactly recall the science) so that you respond to them more efficiently.

I don't even think CBL is true ketosis anyways. At least not once you start backloading. I think my buddy who is big on keto (just went through cancer) loves to talk about true ketosis and all that.

Personally, what I am doing now is basically 1-2 protein shakes before training. One when I wake up, and one before workout. I've gone back to eating a breakfast of 4 eggs and a 1/4# of chopped ham mixed in (4 slices). Having the eggs and ham has helped a lot more than trying to just make it through my sessions on 1-2 servings of my protein (30g of whey, 9g of carbs [probably should find a protein with half that] and is 180kcals/serving). Sometimes I only get 1 serving before and on Saturdays, I tend to go in on one serving or protein to make it to the gym before it closes early. I skip the eggs and ham (though it makes up really fast) and generally have enough energy to get through.

At night, I eat whatever. Yeah, I'm not too strict about that but no junk food, no soda. Veggies, protein, carbs. I train M-Sa. Sunday, I tend to do jack except maybe some BW stuff/calesthenics which I also sometimes mean to do at nights. I ride a bike to the gym because it's close, and helps warm up and cool down and get some aerobic work. No, I don't ride remotely hard at all. I get sweaty because it's hot and there is some hills on the way to the gym (which makes TigerBalm work even better).

I drink about a gallon of water/dayor even more and pop a caffeine pill or 2 cups of coffee when I wake up. Sometimes, I'll pop a zero cal redbull instead or along with if I'm feeling not so energetic.

On a competition taper, I do something more carb nite/no carb ish. It's pretty easy for me to just eat protein and make it through the low volume and %.

Right now, I'm over my weight class but my next meet isn't for months. I weigh myself at the gym and try to keep in mind how much fluid I've drank and peed and I have no idea what eggs and ham might weigh.

Also, sometimes I suck on a cough drop midworkout which is 4g of carbs so it's probably just enough sugar to get me through. I used to pop them more often but I try to not at all or just one.

Weight is coming slowly off based on the daily weighins. Not as fast as carb-nite. But it's not bad, especially with the extra protein meal. I feel really good going in on 2 servings of protein and that meal.

Caffeine is essential. I also get about 5-7.5g of creatine/day from my protein mix besides whatever I get from protein (150-200g/day). I have tried this without caffeine and creatine (protein mix did not have creatine in it) and it really sucks.

Also to note, I generally only do 1 lift per day with some pulls and backoff sets and super low volume squats at the moment. Jerk days include press work but more sets with just 2/3's. I'm not doing 5rep sets or 10's besides some work with DB/BW/pulldowns. I have combined Sn and CJ on some days and it's been alright as well but not a high rep count.

Earlier this year I was on a different program and I could get through on 2 servings of protein prior at the beginning stages of the program but eventually added in a small solid meal of protein, fats, and carbs to continue hitting my prescribed numbers besides snacking on a granola bar preworkout and raisins during. I had hoped to lose weight at that time and basically that plateau'd to continue the program.

When I first started WLing a few years back, I tried doing IF and eventually found trying to hit all 3 lifts plus volume in strength work would just make me gas out halfway or past halfway in. I'd then start eating a granola bar or raisins to get me through and eventually I just quit this because I kept gassing out. Similar thing of protein preworkout with a 4-6hours eating window with 2 meals afterwards.

In about 6 weeks, I will be changing up my program since I'll have 6 weeks till competition. So that will mean something that hits both lifts with pulls/presses most days besides maintenance squats after. We'll see how that goes in August.
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