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Default Building a program [from great sources w/different foci]

I just ended a training program, took a break, and am trying to synthesize a new program that fits my goals and situation, which is: 3 lifting workouts a week (MWF, 1 hour max, and only one workout where I can go heavy and drop (at my home gym) / compete 2 or 3 times a year; Run 2-3 times a week / compete 5k 2-3x a year.

Iíve had great coaches and resources (books, DVDs, websites). Comparing them, I found some insights into their different styles that others in the forum might appreciate and want to discuss.

Olyathlete: I like: 3x week, clusters, up&downs, lift offs, pullunders (tall snatch/clean) (which, I think in combination with the beginner program cured me of arm bend in snatch), 4-5 exercises per workout, interesting technique / warmup exercises.
not digging so much for me (NDSMFM): limited power and hang lifts, which I like, no high pulls, which work better in Globo Gym than full classic lifts

Jim Schmitz: I like: 3x week, a lot of hang and power lifts and high pulls, bench press (which I still like, but also incline press, which my shoulders donít like). Also, Jim wrote an article about nailing a heavy lift and a fast, long run in the same day, which is a goal for me. This is the basis for my new workout, but cutting down exercises & reps, and substituting pulls, partials, & complexes(e.g., CHP+clean) for classic lifts for workouts in the Globo Gym.
NDSMFM: too many exercises and too many reps to fit into an you & high rep squats (I donít see why I have to go more than 5 reps in anything other than bodyweight exercises - itís boring)

Performance Menu: pros: 3-5 exercises per workout, classic lift focus, 2&3 position lifts, halting lifts, supplemental and ab/back exercises
NDSMFM: 4-5x week, which doesnít work for me

Tommy Kono: pros: 3x week, low rep, classic lift focus, and also experience dealing with Globo Gym-type environment (CANNOT drop heavy weights), interesting technique/warmup exercises.
cons: only exercises described/endorsed are classic lifts, pulls, squats
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As for weightlifting, I think the template in Tommy Kono's book is where the most bang for the buck is. In Greg Everrett's Master's lifting article, I saw it again. I am sure this template is as old as training.

Here it is:
Classic Lift
Pull variation of Classic Lift

I know it is a big debate, but if you keep your classic lifts in the 60-80%, focus on speed and technique, you may miss a lot less and still make progress. Then add some weight to the bar and use the pull/ squats to develop strength.
Training Log
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