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David Englund
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Default How to fix my snatch?

My max is 80kg, done in april. Now I missed that in almost every snatchsession.

Here is som lifts done this week 65kg-80kg



1.How can I fix my third pull, the slow wide landing and the soft lockout?

2. Why do I have so poor knee extension in the snatch when they are straight in the clean? I how do I fix that?

Thanks in advance!
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Greg Everett
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First of all, that is an amazing looking gym. Where is that?

As far as cutting the extension short, you just need to learn to be patient. When you're focused on getting under the bar quickly and immediately, it's easy to head that direction too soon.

Try doing some slow snatch deadlifts, staying over the bar until it's high on the thighs and then using the glutes to slightly hyperextend the hips at the top, keeping the legs straight and vertical. Feel that top position and extension several times, then do some snatches from the hang, and eventually move back to the floor.

When you snatch and finish with the hips completely like that, remember to keep pushing with the legs straight down against the floor so you move the bar up instead of just punching the hips through it and kicking the bar and yourself forward.

As far as the turnover goes, it's not bad, but you do tend to stop it too far forward and then adjust the bar back. Do some snatch balances to get the feeling of aggressively punching the bar straight up over the back of your neck - this is also a good opportunity to practice hitting a better foot position for your squat. You can also do tall snatches or high-hang snatches with light weights to focus on an aggressive pull down with the arms, a quick turnover, and a forceful punch straight up in the slot.

Draw a rectangle with chalk on the platform with the sides along the outside of where you want your feet when you receive the lift and work on staying inside it when you snatch.
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David Englund
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Thank you so much for the tips!

Tried som high hang snatches to day, and I realized that I don't have the correct motor pattern for them.

Also did some snatch balances, and off course your right about my slow punching elbows.

Here is a video of the high hang snatch 60kgx3 and snatch balance 85kg


The place in the other film is Stockholms athletic club, an old weightlifting club been there since 1905. You cant find a nicer place to set new PRs(except my snatch then

Thanks again!
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