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Don Stevenson
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You guys are lucky! Out here high schools don't have S+C programs let alone dedicated coaches.

Last year I went to the national conference for S+C coaches in Australia and when they announced their new "professional levels" scheme and expected pay rates for each level I almost cried.

Anyhooooo I pulled myself off the floor and went back to running my own stuff to make money and I volunteer a few hours a week coaching high school kids in our Olympic lifting gym.
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Danny John
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I make a lot doing it. That is my actual job title. But, I have advanced degrees in history and religious education which makes me qualifed to teach the O lifts.

Seriously, HS pays better than the next level in 'most' cases.
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Ron Nelson
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Dan also lives off of his residuals from inventing the internet.
He's right about the HS sometimes paying more, especially if it is coupled with a teaching job. My district now features the highest pay scale in OC and only LA pays more around here.

Most of our high schools use S&C coaches for football only.
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