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Matt Morris
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PS, I'm still able to do cleans, squats and deadlifts/pulls. That means you can still train hard. I slowly worked in PERFECT pull downs and Perfect rows (contracting my lower traps/serratus first before starting to pull w/ my arms and pulling all the way to my chest).
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Richard Bendekovic
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Matt, Thanks and I am going to look up the Cressey articles. I took the MRI to an ortho Dr. who confirmed the damage is acute, not chronic, and the tendon tears will most likely repair themselves with three weeks off. After that he advised start back with exercises that do not put my shoulders in abduction (i think that is the term but i know what he meant) and nothing overhead for another 3-6 weeks. However, I need to find a plan to rehab and get back to lifting without letting this happen again and I need to form this plan myself because the specialist basically told me to forget about Olympic lifting at my age. And seeking a second opinion or training rehab regime is difficult here due to the language. I am pretty fluent in Spanish but when it gets technical it is tough and I am not going to pay a ton of money and only get 70% of what I am being told. So off to Cressey or anything else the fine and knowledgeable folks of Catalyst can offer.
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