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Pierre Auge
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Default The Eades' What a wonderful source of information!

I'm always astounded by the colourful (YES I SPELL IT WITH A U) and wonderfully astute though understandable information provided by the Drs. Mary Dan & Michael Eades. What a great pair of people that I hope to meet one day...

Protein Synthesis: A Famous Film

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Mike ODonnell
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"I had never seen anything like this in engineering school, and I was dazzled. I knew I had made the right decision in jumping ship."

Unfortunately...I stayed in engineering school.....

Oh...and the dancing hippies as amino acids is hysterical....I think they left out the LSD chain in the video....good stuff.
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Steve Shafley
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Yes! I was just looking for that vid a few months ago, since I had seen it both in high school biology classes and in my Cell Biology class in college.

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