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Pierre Auge
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I train in a 1700sqft former tortilla chip factory.

5 platforms
13 pendlay bars
1 chapman elite bar
3500lbs of bumpers
1500lbs of dumbbells
4 C2's
1 spin bike (coat rack)
60+ feet of thick grip pull-up bars
1x 9foot revolving pull-up bar
4 GHD's
rings, parallets and more
21 dynamax balls
4 sets of jerking blocks/plyoboxes/pulling blocks
a cargo net
1100lbs of kettlebells

and last but not least one unused balance board just for show!

I also live here lets just say not cozy!
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Yuen Sohn
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I work out 2 days a week at Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, NY. I lift with that bad apple John Alston, who also posts here from time to time. It's pretty much like a YMCA/recreation center with basketball, volleyball, boxing, standard freeweights, cardio, and ping pong. Of course the ping pong area is situated right next to the Olifting platforms, so it makes it interesting at times...some people have rather terrible aim.

Back to the original post...
I really hope your gym can stay open. As Ron and Mike said, a change in location is one option. People will travel if you've got the equipment and knowledge...heck, some people at LBH have commutes well over an hour from where they live.

Also, the program at LBH is actually city-sponsored for the most part, which makes it MUCH, MUCH easier to sustain. It's probably a long shot, but it might be worth looking into how one gets local funding for an athletics program. I'll ask my coach on Wednesday if he can shed any light on this.
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Derek Simonds
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When I am not on the road I train at home. I have a cozy little garage with most of the tools I need. My next purchase will be a Pendlay bar and KB's

2 cheap olympic bars
300 + Lb's steel weights
300 + Lb's Bumpers
Dumbells to 50 LB's
Dip station
Pullup Bar on ceiling 4' long with an OD of 1 1/2"
17' climbing rope mostly hung over the PU bar for grip PU's
Rings from PU bar
I forgot what kind of Squat Stands but they are nice and I like them
Muay thai bag
40 LB everlast bag
C2 Rower
Stationary Trainer for my Tri Bike
Medicine balls, swiss balls and assorted other exercise implements

On the road I use the YMCA or whatever Globo Gym is affiliated with the hotel I am staying . It sucks but a lot of the gyms out there want to charge 20$ for a one day pass. If there isn't a real gym close by it is bodyweight all the way baby! I bought the scrapper mod1 stuff so that I would have an arsenal of bodyweight stuff to do when I can't get to a gym. I also fall back on Tabata intervals a ton when I am on the road, if you get creative you can change the intervals up enough not to go crazy in 4 days.
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Allen Yeh
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Gym - Bolling AF base Fitness Center
Lots of Machines, very little free weights, they do have 2 very new York bars that are decent, the plates are those annoying hexagonal shaped ones. They also have a rack of KB's though most people use them for lateral raises and curls than swings or anything else.

At my tiny little condo:
Rings, parallettes, some KB's and DB's.

I often dream about having my own olympic set at home, when we do get a house that'd be on the top of my list to get.
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Kevin Anderson
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I used to train only at home but there is something to be said about training with others, especially when olympic lifting. Right now I train at home on the weekends and occasionally during the week. I used to train early in the morning when I was crossfitting but as the weights got heavier, I couldn't keep from dropping them anymore and waking up the house.

Here is a video that shows my little gym in the garage. My wife does crossfit with a group and trains a few days a week in here as well by herself. You can't see it but I also have a solid pullup bar, rope to climb, c2 rower,GHD, 1 24k kettlebell and a few other odds and ends.

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Steve Shafley
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I train in my basement. You can see the place in the vblogs.

Power rack
0-90 Bench
6 kettlebells - 4kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, and 32kg
2 regular olympic sized bars, one cheap, on Ivanko...guess which one I use more?
2 100# plates
14 45# plates
4 25# plates
4 10# plates
4 5# plates
2 2.5# plates
Sled - outside
Tire - outside
Specialty bars: Appolon's Axle, Safety Squat Bar, Shrug Bar, Farmer's Bars
Grip Toys (lots, even though I don't use them)
Slideboard (ha, from 1996!...still works)
5'x10' gymnastics mat I use for stretching/calisithenics

My ceiling isn't high enough for olympic lifts. I would like to get some bumper plates, though. I've got the itch to attend one of Valery Federenko's certifications and get the free set of professional kbs that come with it, too.

I set most of this up with a certain amount of severance pay I received when Dow Chemical offered me the option to leave.
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Frank Needham
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Thanks to xfit my local gym is the deck in my backyard. No muss, no fuss, get 'er done and over with. I highly recommend it!
"Lack of sleep makes cowards of us all."
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Bobby Spencer
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I train at a 24 hr. gym that is a 2 min. walk from my apartment. It is sectioned off with the cardio near the entrance and the dumbells and machines in back of that room. It is a huge room. In a side room are some more bikes. On the other side is the room for the freeweights with the diff. angle benches and squat racks. It is a decent sized room.

When you drive up and walk in you would think the place is packed with people. I love it because there is hardly ever anyone in the free weight part when I go to workout.
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Kevin Anderson
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I like the idea of renting out some cheap space somewhere and having a co-op, not for profit gym and getting folks together to split the costs and have people to train with at the same time. The problem is that everyone around town is more into running 5ks and wearing their yellow jersies. If they lift weights at all, its bodybuilding all the way, curls for the girls.
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Ronnie Ashlock
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I take one Olympic weightlifting class a week in Sumner, WA under John Thrush. I'd go more often (every time I could) if work and location allowed it. So I sub my home and some other facilities as way-points to the Saturday class with Thrush. I've also hopped around to various CF affiliates around Puget Sound (Rainier CF, CF Eastside and now I occasionally show up at CF North for Olympic weightlifting with a few of my teammates who also train in Sumner). Other than that, it's all at home in my garage. Most of it started by combing through the CF archives and going by what was recommended. Here's the current toy list:

A Chapman Power Elite Olympic Barbell - Very nice
A Pendlay Men's 20 KG Olympic Barbell (on its way as I write this)
Homemade lifting platform
IronMind Vulcan II Squat Racks
IronMind Bench
4 kettlebells, of which, 3 are DD KBs (20 kg, 24 kg, and 32 kg) and one 32 kg competition KB from Valery Fedorenko's group (American Kettlebell Club)
1 set of cheap 35 # dumbbells from Play it Again Sports
2 20# Dynamix Balls
1 20# D-Ball
1 BFS Glute Ham Developer
A cheap, annoying BFS Barbell which I use for squats and the rare day I do bench work. I wish I had not purchased this bar, but it does have its uses.
A C2 Rower (in the house at the moment until things warm up)
Bumpers - BFS bumpbers in Pounds - 1 Pair of 10s, 1 pair of 25s, 1 pair of 35s, and 2 pairs of 45s
Eleiko Training Bumpers (look just like the certified bumpers used in competitions). in kilograms - 1 pair of 10s, 1 pair of 15s, 1 pair of 20s, 1 pair of 25s
Full 1-kilo rule Eleiko fractional weights
1 pair of rusty 5-Kilo fractional weights by Weider (Weider actually made weights in kilos?!) from Play it Again Sports
1 pair of 2.3 kilo weights, also from PiAS
1 Pair of Heavy Duty Lifting Straps from Glenn Pendlay and WFW
A tube of Nicoflex
A tube of Voltaren
A tube of Finalgon
1 pair of Rehband knee bands
1 pair of Adidas IronWorks II shoes
Home-Depot special pull-up bar

Had I to do it all over again, I wouldn't have bought the Olympic bar from BFS as I hate that thing - it's okay to use for squats, bench and deadlifts, but after about a month of trying to do real Olympic weightlifting training on it, I ponied-up and got the Chapman and it's been a really good bar. I also wouldn't have gotten my bumpers from BFS in pounds. In fact, if I had been smart, I wouldn't have bought any of my weightlifting gear from BFS at all. If I had waited about a year, I could have gotten a much better deal on all my Olympic stuff from Glenn Pendlay. He has the best deal around for folks wanting quality Olympic gear.

The Eleiko bumpers were a treat to myself for not having cable for five years, not going out and buying a new video game console (or consoles as the case may be with some of my friends) and paying off my car a few years ago (and not going out and getting a new one). I hemmed and hawed on them, because they were so expensive, but decided it was no more than some people pay on a set of golf-clubs or what not. I looked at a bunch of different vendors (Ivanko, York, Eleiko, Werksan) at the time and decided to go with Eleiko since the money wasn't drastically different. Real competition-grade bumpers by reputable companies are expensive no matter who you use. I lift with them just about every day, so I think I'm getting a pretty good return on my investment.
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