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Mike ODonnell
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As long as the world is run based on the success of economy and stocks and morals take a back seat...and companies are most interested in selling and marketing bad products as healthy just to keep the shareholders happy....it's a losing battle....as my budget is not as big as say General Mills Breakfast Cereal...."Super Sugar Os...now 0.001% whole wheat and has the heart healthy seal of approval!"....or Tropicana....where parents say "But my kid needs Vit C and Orange Juice is the only way to get it....see it says so right there on the box....."....great..your overweight kid is getting healthier on insulin spiking sugar water....but at least he will have enough Vit C not to get scurvy.....good call.
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Steve Shafley
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True story:

A friend of mine had twin boys who were monsterous. In 3rd grade they were put on ADD meds. They improved dramatically.

In 8th grade, they started selling their ADD meds to other kids. Their mom found a $800 stash of cash in their bedroom.

Interestingly enough, there performance at school was just as high, despite selling the ADD meds (Ritalin IIRC).

After some debate, she took them off the meds, confiscated the money, and bought them both IPODs with it.
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Jesse Woody
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Default Hahaha...

First, a nod to being lazy and relying on pills for weightloss instead of hard work...

Second, similar story to Steve, I was put on ritalin when I was 11, but got so jacked on even 1/2 of the smallest possible dose that I had to be taken off in 3 weeks (i.e. panic attacks, hyperactivity, insomnia) Years later, I hung out with a group of people who would buy ritalin from middle school kids, cook it and shoot it up. Compared to cocaine, it was the same high, but lasted 4-5 hours longer, and this was with a single, middle-range dose that they may give a 13 year old kid...

I'm sure there may be uses for the stuff in the right situation, but the fact that there are kindergarten kids being prescribed the stuff scares me significantly. To top it off with the drug being touted as a weight-loss supplement for kids is downright horrifying.
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Pierre Auge
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I hope my kids are hyperactive, it will give me a reason to beat them into submission. Who needs ritalin when you have fists!!!

This is in jest I assure you!
NOTICE: Pierre Auge's opinions are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.

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Steve Shafley
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I assure you that the allure of beating a twelve-going-on-thirteen boy is hard to resist. Hoo boy.
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Ron Nelson
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Ha! None of you suckers has raised (I almost said "reared", whew!) a teenager, let alone two, like me. After a while, you realize corporeal punishment never works. They will get what they want simply through a war of attrition. They wear you down like water on a stone.

This is why I have found my escape in gambling and drinking. I feel they are beneficial stress relieving devices and recommend them to all.

In all seriousness, going to the gym really helps when you have teenagers. It's the one place they don't want to go. It gives me my "me time."
"Have you seen my weiner?"

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Dave Van Skike
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I habituated to the actual whipping early. The Fear of the whipping, now that is power.
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