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Allen Yeh
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I have a 20 month old son along with 8 and 12 year old stepsons. It's been rough making the adjustment and it still can be a struggle. In the last few months my eating has gotten a LOT better and I'm currently experimenting with IF. With your schedule as packed as it is, perhaps a time compressed eating schedule would be easier. Rather than trying to fit in 3 Zone meals + 3 Zone snacks per day.

In terms of training, I've found I get my best workouts in if I do them on lunch break or before I get a chance to get comfortable when I get home. If I wait too long after I get home I just get sucked in to whoever needs whatever at the time. I personally can't see the early morning thing only because I'm typically at work between 5-6am. It may work for you though...I'd try it if I got to work any later.

Something else that I've found helpful and maybe it's just the way I'm built....I like to have structure! Or a goal....meaning when I have a written in stone program of what I want done it is more likely to be done than if I just know I need to workout but nothing concrete down.
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Mark Fenner
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Dan and Allen,

It's good to see people in the same boat that my wife and I will be in, in about 6 weeks (or so). We both very much believe that that best way to parent is "by example". Don't want your kid to overeat ... don't overeat (and don't overfeed early on). Want your kids to be physically fit and active. Bingo ... do things (together) to be fit and active. I know some of this is a bit down the road, with respect to an infant, but you also have to establish the habits early.

Anyway, I'll be checking in on your sanity, Dan -- and hoping for the best.

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