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Charlie Reynolds
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Originally Posted by Peter Maxwell View Post
I am new to weightlifting.

I looked at Brian's video of the snatch (which was posted after the commencement and receipt of suggestions) and its done real fast but it appeared to me that it was a bump & swing style as opposed to the triple extension style of snatch (1st pull, 2nd pull & explode all the time keeping the bar close).

If it is a bump & swing style of snatch my query is whether the suggestions provided before the video link post are still applicable??

bump and swing is not a legitimate technique, it is bad technique. You should be aiming for a smooth bar path/shallow 'S' curve. Tons of great material here and also on Sean waxman's site.
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Brian Turchioe
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Thanks again for the advice. Things are progressing nicely after just a few sessions. As far as the "bump and swing" if that's what appears on the video, that's certainly not my intention, hence why I started the thread.
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