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Harlan Schulze
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Question Correcting Kyphosis and Bambi Knees

As a coach I have found there is a night and day difference when a lifter is set up properly, in absolute extension, compared to a slightly rounded position. Most certainly in the front squat, but the full lifts as well.

I am wondering if you guys have an easy way to teach this position, I have a few athletes that just seem unable to hit it.

Assuming there are no mobility issues pulling them into a slightly rounded back position, it must be a brain thing right? Have tried scapular pull ups as well as lots of work on the GHD trying to get the brain connected to the muscle.

Second question is trying to fix the inward knee drive on the ascent of a squat/clean etc. Again here, could be muscular or neuro, just wondering if you guys have a way of fixing the valgus movement given your experience.

Oh, one more question! Is the only way to cue/fix a soft turnover/recieving position in the snatch to tell the athlete to be more aggressive? Would heaving sn.balance rectify it?
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Javier Sanjuan
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In respect to the set up question, you may just have to be a little more patient with that lifter. The lifter may also be thinking TOO much and just not allowing him/herself to get into the position that he/she feels like he/she knows. There could also be some muscular weakness. You said you tried GHDs, but maybe try some "swimmer" or "superman" drills to allow the lifter to feel the flex in the entire back. You can even do some presses/push presses behind the neck, along with some snatch presses from the squat. Additionally, some bent-over rows may help strengthen that area as well to help the lifter recruit those muscles in a more effective manner.

In regards to the valgus issue, I really wouldn't worry about it if it's happening with heavy weights, but if it's occurring with lighter weights, then the lifter can work on pause squats or simply keeping the knees in line with the toes and keeping the hips under the bar for the majority of the lift with lighter weights. I find people cave their knees because they favor their posterior and try to use it to get out of the hole when they should keep the hips under the bar. It's possible that the lifter needs to relearn the movement. Still, if this is happening at maximal or near-maximal weights, I wouldn't worry about it; many very proficient lifters in history did this and there's no issue.

Lastly, heaving snatch balances and snatch balances will help with the lifter's turnover. Personally, I think snatch balances are a little easier because you can move your feet, so it may be helpful to start there and then move into your heaving snatch balances. Either way, both will help. Tall/dip/high-hang snatches will also force the lifter to be quicker under the bar, so these are things you can use during warm up to help build muscle memory before heavier lifts.

Hope this helps,
Javier A. Sanjuan
Olympus Barbell Club

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Harlan Schulze
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Thanks Javi!
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Greg Everett
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RE knees, try this article - http://www.catalystathletics.com/art...articleID=1826

RE back, I like back extensions w the hands behind the head, both reps and static holds in extension, before and after workouts. Good mornings w relatively light weight can also help that aggressive extension position.
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