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Austin Luca
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Default A favor to ask everyone!

Hey guys! My name is Austin, and I'm a 21 year-old student conducting an independent study at my college, by means of a survey. The goal of my survey is to find a correlation between people who exercise and their life satisfaction. I'm trying to tap into the internet as a means of research, and this crossfit forum seems like a perfect community for the survey! If any of you could help me out, that would be fantastic!
I'm going to copy the 10-question survey below, with directions underneath the survey but You can also take the survey here:

Please type "Y" for yes and "N" for no for the following two questions.
1) Do you participate in a crossfit training program?
2) Do you exercise independently at a gym? (i.e. NOT in a class)
Please type the degree to which you agree with each statement, numbering from 1-10. (1 meaning strongly disagree, 10 meaning strongly agree)
3) I exercise for more than two hours each week.
4) I am tired when I complete each workout.
5) I exercise because I want to.
6) I exercise because I feel pressured to.
7) I am satisfied with my level of fitness.
For the following questions, assume life satisfaction means being content with one's career, relationships, and quality of living.
8) I currently have a high level of life satisfaction.
9) I am expecting my level of life satisfaction to increase within the next year.
10) I am expecting my level of life satisfaction to increase within the next 10 years.

That's the survey! An ideal response would be something like this:

Please note! The above answers are not "correct" answers, only an example of what a response might look like!

Please message me your answers, and do NOT comment them!!! In order to keep this as uniform as possible, I will only include answers that are PM'd to me. I can't include any responses from the comments.

If I get enough responses from this thread, I WILL post results!! (Then you can make fun of the average person with a lower level of life satisfaction than you, or cry that you're so unhappy! Fun!)

You guys are the best, again PM me the answers, and even if you don't participate I'd appreciate any suggestive comments! If you have ANY questions, just message me and I'll be glad to answer them all! And finally, a quick bit of necessary information below. Thanks everyone!

We are asking you to take part in a research study being done by Austin Luca at the Waubonsee Community College.
If you choose to be in the study, you will complete a survey. This survey will help us learn more about the correlation to exercise and life satisfaction. The survey will take about 3 minutes to complete.
You can skip questions that you do not want to answer or stop the survey at any time. The survey is anonymous except to the researcher, and no one will be able to link your answers back to you. This account will be deleted 2 days after the results are posted to ensure anonymity. Please do not include your name or other information that could be used to identify you in the survey responses.
Being in this study is optional. Please tell the researcher if you do not want to participate.
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