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Miki Mayer
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Question Deadlift prep & injury preventtion


I've been doing deadlifts for a while now, but am not able to go really heavy without injuring my lower back (L5). Any injury to my L5 puts me on the shelf for a week, and then another 1-2 weeks before I can go to previous weights in the deadlift and other movements.

Any recommendations on how to improve my deadlift while reducing the risk of injury? Should I wear a back belt for all deadlifts? Any particular exercises to strengthen my back?

Thanks in advance,
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Blake Barnes
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Well I am, by no means, a doctor/chiropractor/physical therapist but some things to help strengthen the lower back:

-good mornings help

Maybe try some glute-activation exercises as you're warming up:

-Double/Single-leg hip extensions (also known as glute bridges)

Also, it might help to make sure your torso is strong overall. So try to work in some ab/oblique exercises.

Again, I'm not a specialist with back injuries so I recommend seeking one out before you go and cause some more damage to your spine.
Blake Barnes
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