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Ryan Whipple
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Default Frequency of Heavy Back Squats

Quick background: 28 y/o male, 5'8". Ran cross-country in high school, marathons in college, then got into general weight lifting. I was 130# at age 22, am now at 180#. I've become a lot stronger than I was, which isn't saying much, but I'm no where near as strong as peers of the same weight. Current PRs:

Snatch: 162#
Clean and Jerk: 193#
Back Squat: 245#

I know I need to focus on my back squat, because I don't think my other numbers are going to go any higher until a drastic improvement in the back squat.

My limit in the back squat has been that at the 95% range, my left knee tracks inward, probably due to a muscle imbalance.

I've been working the last 5 weeks on squatting 5 days a week, alternating heavy doubles/singles and lighter sets of 4-6. My goal is to get volume in through the week, but also just get comfortable being under a heavy bar often. I think there is a lot of value in "practicing" squatting heavy, if that makes sense.

I confidently hit a single at 95% yesterday after a pretty tough week, and plan to hit 100% next weekend after a similarly tough week. The week after that I'll be resting for a PR attempt the following weekend.

I'm starting to plan out my next training cycle and am looking for some advice. I am confident that hitting 85%+ back squat 3 times a week is going to be the key to advancing.

So my question here is why I don't see many programs, at CA or anywhere else, that train back squat quite within these parameters. Anytime I find myself being a "unique" case, I worry that I'm overlooking something or unaware of some broader school of thought. Has anyone tried this before? How did it turn out? Got any recommended resources?
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Rob Chu
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maybe try leg block 1 or 2. its 3x back squat a week with varying reps and percentages and it got my squat up 30 lbs in 4 weeks on leg block 1 and I think it will go up even more than that for leg block 2 (im in the 3rd week)
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Tamara Reynolds
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Ryan, for our adult (college age and older) we train back squat above 85% for every training session unless someone is specifically working front squats. We have some very strong squatters at our place as a result of that. Our one 77 male squats 227 kg right now, and I think we only have one guy below 180 kg right now (not positive on that), and he's still pretty new. It's much easier for lifters who start weightlifting as adults to gain strength in squats, so we push that as they are learning snatch technique.

We have a large youth team of 9-16 year olds, and we focus primarily on snatch technique with them and front squats for form.
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Sung Choe
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5-3-1 bro
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