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James Hitch
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Default 20 Weeks Out

Looking for input on how best to utilize my time between now and Canadian Sr. Championships in May. I've got approximately 20 weeks before that comp - however based on following either Gregs or Bob Takano's programs most only deal with 9,12,16 week cycles. As far as I can see my options include extending either the GPP phase, the Preparation Phase or the Pre-Competition Phase -or- going with a "bi-peak" approach and basically stack two Macrocycles back to back in order to come out of a pre-comp phase at the right time.

Anybody else have experience with timing the "peak" in your programming to accommodate your competition schedule?
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Greg Everett
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If you want something out of the box, I have both 8 and 12 week programs posted, so you can stick those together. Another option is what you said by basically doubling an 8-wk prep phase of a 12-wk program that has 2 4-wk prep mesocycles. Don't just repeat them exactly - make changes such as increasing the weights/%s, and/or adjusting the exercise selection to address what you find you need more of during that first 8 weeks.

The other thing to do would be to take that first 8 weeks to really push the strength work - lots of squat and pull work. This is what I would do personally.
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James Hitch
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Thanks Greg I appreciate the response. I agree with your thoughts and will likely go with an extended general strength phase and really focus on squats/pulls/any existing deficits. Thanks again
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